On the 17th of March, the Wellbeing Portfolio raised awareness for the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, as well as World Sleep Day. 

At lunchtime, students came to participate in a chatterbox making activity, to initiate conversation on bullying and mental health. With meditation music playing, the atmosphere was tranquil and welcoming, and it was perfect for a Friday afternoon. 

As the Wellbeing portfolio, we hope to do more of these activities for students and staff in the future, particularly for upcoming mental health days such as World Health Day (7th April) and International Day of Friendship (30th July). 

Thank you for everyone who came, and every chatterbox was beautiful. 

If you have any queries about upcoming events, or what else the Wellbeing Portfolio is looking forward to planning, our contacts are below. 


Senior Captains

Alina Ivanova (iva0008@mgc.vic.edu.au) 

Pippi Brace (bra0039@mgc.vic.edu.au) 


Middle School Captain

Orla Edwards (edw0016@mgc.vic.edu.au)

Vianna Lam (lam0038@mgc.vic.edu.au)



Danielle Floyd (09473924@mgc.vic.edu.au)

Brittany Killer (10020411@mgc.vic.edu.au)


Allie Grey-Smith (agreysmith@mgc.vic.edu.au)