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Al Clarkson Night - tickets close this Friday 5th. 

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Tickets here;


Redevelopment Works make budget.

In what is a huge step forward for the club, the new rooms and development have made council budget.

This means that the ground surface will be redeveloped as well as new change rooms being added to the existing social rooms. This is along with the current pool refurbishment due to be completed in the next month for away teams and women's netball/football.

Check out the current plans. With cricketers off the oval this summer, it is a chance to upgrade other facilities such as the scorers box, so we will be looking for any helpers/tradies to achieve this. Exciting times.


Book Launch/Sponsors Day/Past Players

A heap of work has gone into this huge day on August 3rd (Rd 17 v Somerville) so if you are a Past Player, Sponsor or member, get on down for the festivities.

The launch of  of  the book  'At Crib Point" containing the history of all member clubs at the reserve will not disappoint. Congratulations to the vision and work of Mick Cusick, Leo Cook, Kevin Anderson, Julie Saunders and Helen Barclay.



Great to see new people coming into the club and we welcome you. Luke Springer and his dad Brett who was a pretty gun basketballer in his day. We'll start listing more names next edition.

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