Committee Profile

Narelle, Nabby & Jayden

Nabby - Officer in charge of Finance

People come and play at our great club for a number of reasons. However, the reason why Cameron (Nabby) MacNab donned the black and white will take some beating.

After losing his licence when he smashed into a cop car, Nabby was forced to move to Balnarring, where he worked at the local National Bank. Rather than try and organise a lift to his then club, Somerville, he thought it would be easier to play at Cribby, getting a lift to training with Wally Moncrieff.

Nabby’s misfortune has proven to be a shining light for the club. A tough and uncompromising player who was very skilful and strong over-head, Nabby was a valued player for many years. He didn’t mind a bit of the rough stuff and ‘Cyclone’ MacNab was a real presence on the ground and on the footy trips, winning a couple of jackets. However, Nabby’s greatest highlight was his final game, the 2001 Grand Final. After sitting on the bench for the first half and down by a few points, ‘Nablett’ started in the forward pocket at the beginning of the third quarter and ignited the side with a strong pack mark and goal. He finished the day with 3 majors and was a catalyst in several other goals in the second half.


After lying low for a few years, Nabby has come back to the club in a big way, as runner of the under 19’s and Treasurer of the club. It is great to see Nabby’s boy, Jayden playing at the club and making the same impact as his old man. Maybe, just maybe, we might have a few more father/son premiership players in the near future. Nabby thanks for losing your licence all those years ago – we couldn’t be happier.