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Administration News and Weekly Awards



Christmas Mufti Day

Student's are invited to dress in Christmas Mufti for their last day tomorrow. Hats and sensible shoes are a must.  All children are going to the pool as well so they will need their swimming gear, rashie and thongs as well. 


Thank you

As the year draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Pauline Long for guiding us through what has been an extraordinary year. COVID-19 certainly challenged us in many different ways and we have been able to face these challenges with confidence and cohesion under her leadership.  She has enabled us to do our very best to support our students, families and each other and we have come out the other side, having learnt many new skills while uncovering talents we did not know we possessed!  This year we have set ourselves up to move ahead smoothly into 2021 with updated administration procedures as well as new and exciting strategies for our teaching and learning environment. Thank you Mrs Long.  It has been a whirlwind of a year and we are looking forward to 2021 after a well earned break.


Week 9 was a wonderful week for our school.  


Our Kinder readiness children graduated and are definitely ready for Kinder 2021.  We have really enjoyed having these beautiful children in our school for the past 9 weeks.


Our Year 6 students were rewarded for all their hard work during our beautiful Graduation Mass with Fr Vic and Fr Tuan. We always feel proud of our Graduating class whilst tinged with some sadness that they are leaving our school.  We will miss them all but celebrate as they move on to their new high school adventures.


Many of our students received amazing results in both the ICAS and Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition this year and Mrs Long presented these children with their certificates during our final weekly assembly. 


School Return Dates

Year 1 to Year 6 Student's return to school on the 29th of January 2021.  Kindy students will complete their Best Start assessments between Friday the 29th of January and the following Tuesday and will then begin their full school days on Wednesday the 3rd of February.


Reports on Compass

Student's reports will be available to be viewed on Compass tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th of December.  


Swap Shop

We would like to thank everyone who has donated uniform items to our swap shop this year.  We have had a really good selection of items for parents to choose from.  Stocks are running low, especially girls uniforms so if you have any at home, please send them in so we can restock our shelves.  


School Fees

School Fees are now overdue. If you are experiencing difficulty paying your school fees, please make an appointment to speak with our Principal, Mrs Pauline Long, ASAP.  Please when depositing into the School's bank account use your surname and Account No. (under the date on your Statement) not your child's first name as we often have more than one student with the same first name.  A big thank you to those who have been paying school fees consistently.


Year 6 - Notification of Student Leaving School

Forms have already gone home with students.  Forms should have been returned by Friday, 4th December, 2020, and if you haven't please return them this week.



Please read the link above as it refers to school travel for your child in 2021. Not everyone needs to reapply for a pass but students beginning school or moving on to high school may need to.

Term 4, Week 9 Awards

Infants Awards

Sieanna W - for being a brave participant in our Christmas Play. 

Troy Balint - for improved engagement in his learning. 

Jayden Willis - being a kind and caring student. 

Jorja Jamieson - for always being enthusiastic about her learning.