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What are we doing at school?

This week at Corpus Christi we looked at our digital footprint! Just like a regular footprint, it leaves some information behind you. When surfing the internet, you leave your own digital footprint. Our online profiles have become a digital resume — anyone can google your name or check out your social media accounts, including potential employers, universities and others.


We explored what kind of footprint you wish to leave behind. Will you be kind online?


Manage your own footprint!

Google yourself

Google yourself and see what comes up. Put your name in quotations and add the city you live in. 


Check your privacy settings

Check out the eSafety Guide to find out more about the privacy settings for particular social media platforms and how to change them.


Say no to posts or photos

You may have heard the saying ‘If it isn’t on social media it didn’t happen’ but we know that this is not true. Opt out of photos or ignore tag requests if you want to protect your digital reputation.


Think before you post, like or follow something

Make sure that the pages, groups, photos, tweets or videos you like, follow, subscribe to or comment on are true reflections of you and actually things you want to be associated with. 

As the saying goes, if in doubt, don’t post it!


E Learning Coordinator

Zachary Lane