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What's happening in our Learning Communities - Year Prep

This term the Year Preps are investigating how things move. They have been learning about force and how objects move either by a push or a pull or sometimes both a push and pull. Over the past few weeks, they have investigated how their bodies move through playing Musical Statues as well as looking for examples of movement in the school environment. The school’s adventure playground was a good tool for investigating. The children moved their bodies in different ways by pushing themselves down the slide and pulling themselves up the climbing rope.

This week, the Year Preps looked more closely at push and pull. They investigated different objects in their learning space and how they move. They then had to fill out a graphic organiser by drawing the objects and the way they move under the appropriate heading. 

The images below show the results of their investigations.

Some of the objects they identified that move with a push or a pull were: drawers, chairs, pieces of paper, toy cars, doors.

After their investigating, the Year Preps will be following a design brief to create a toy that moves. We can't wait to see what they design!


Deborah Courtney

Director of Teaching and Learning