2021 Prep Transition Information


On-site school visits by children enrolled in 2021 Foundation Year – Term 4 2020

This decision enables a small group (of no more than 10 in total) of incoming children, their parents and/or early childhood educators to visit with one Foundation teacher in schools to support the transition of children into Prep in 2021. Schools will only be allowed to have one small group visit the school at any one time (i.e. there may not be multiple groups of 10 visiting the school at the same time). This is an exception and does not change other advice on limiting visitors under the Second Step of the Roadmap for Reopening. 

Requirements to support these visits:

·         Children attending the transition activities must be enrolled in the school

·         No intermixing with other children at the school is permitted as part of the visit

·         Schools to follow standard practices for recording information of all visitors 

·         The 10 visitors to a school must remain in a designated area assigned for the transition activity

·         Strict physical distancing should be observed 

·         Face masks to be worn by all adults

·         Cleaning of all areas used for the transition activity, including high touch points, toilets, etc. after each session

·         Regular hand hygiene

·         No food be offered or exchanged in the transition activities.


Kind regards

Jennifer O’Connor

Assistant Principal Prep-2 Learning Community


Melton West Primary School Prep 2021 Transition

Dear Parents and Carers, 

The Government has released new guidelines that allow us to have small groups of children and parents come onsite for Transition.

The sessions will be conducted in the Multi - Purpose Room and families will enter via the gate next to the school carpark on Melton West Drive. Parking is available at Melton Waves. The sessions will be taken by the current 2020 Prep teachers.

We will be conducting sessions at Melton West Primary School at the following times. You will need to enrol in one of these sessions. More information and details will follow so please check Class Dojo, the school website, the school newsletter and Facebook page.

Sessions will run

Monday November 23 10:00 am -11am 

Monday November 23 12:30pm -1:30pm 

Tuesday November 24 10:00 am -11am 

Wednesday November 25 10:00 am -11am 

Monday November 30 10:00 am -11am 

Monday November 30 12:30pm -1:30pm 

Tuesday December 1st 10:00 am -11am

Wednesday December 2nd 10:00 am -11am


Kind regards

Jennifer O’Connor

Assistant Principal Prep – 2 Learning Community