School Closure Day

A reminder Friday June 9 will be a pupil free day. 

On this day staff will be reviewing the previous four years and preparing for the upcoming External School Review in the first week of Term Four. Maree Holmes from Catholic Education Melbourne will be facilitating the session.

GOSH will be open on this day from 7am-6pm but please book your child's place with Nana or on the Camp Australia website so carer/child ratios are correct.

Sorry Day

A big thank you to Meegan Jia-Good & Isabel G (4G) for talking to students, staff and parents at morning assembly last Friday to remember National Sorry Day. They completed an Acknowledgement of Country recognising our local Indigenous people (Wurundjeri Tribe). Our school captains also began the assembly (will be done regularly) this week with an Acknowledgement of Country.


Movie & Disco night tomorrow (Prep-2 Movie & Year 3-6 Disco), Friday 2nd June, 5.45pm-7.45pm.

NO TECHNOLOGY permitted. 

Label all items of clothing so lost property can be returned. 

Further information is in last week's newsletter and the Care Monkey request. Please ensure you are punctual and collect all students from 7:45pm.

Year 3-6 STEAMDANCE Incursion

On Monday 5th June the Year 3-6 students will be participating in a STEAMDANCE incursion.  The STEAMDANCE program aims to provide students with an unforgettable dance experience and is led by The Australian Ballet’s Dance Education Team, who are educators and professional dancers.  The students in Years 3-6 need to wear their sport uniform on this day.

School Choir

Yesterday the school choir had their first singing session in the hall across the road (next to Pietro e Paolo cafe).  Choir practice will be held every Wednesday at lunch time.  Permission to take your child across the road is needed and can be done on CareMonkey.  We ask that you inform your child if you have granted permission for them to be in the choir so they are aware.  If your child no longer wishes to be in the choir can you send an email to Danielle Gerecke at so we can update the record sheet.

Student Led Conferences

The PTO site is now open to take bookings for the Student-Led Conferences scheduled for Monday 26th June, 2pm - 7.30pm and Wednesday 28th June, 2pm - 5pm.

Please ensure you book a time to meet your child's teacher. To log in and retrieve your PIN, you must use the email address the correspondence was sent to (titled 'Galilee Student Led Conferences').

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is open Fridays mornings from 8.35-8.50am, afternoons are available by appointment (3.30-3.40pm) please sms Kate on 0419 384 471 to arrange.

Second hand uniform is located in Prep building next to Performing Arts room.

XSPROFIX - Portable Expresso Machine

Galilee staff member, Helen Rochecouste is launching a Kickstarter project with her family. They have cleverly invented a world-first portable expresso machine that boils water using Nespresso coffee capsules, that can be taken anywhere. If you are interested in registering to purchase one, check out the following link:

Thankyou to Helen for the donation of a machine to Galilee.

Lost Property

Numerous named jumpers and jackets are in the lost property cupboard and GOSH room. Please clearly label all pieces of clothing your child wears to school.

If anyone has noticed their child returning home without a singlet on, we have 3 white and a grey H&M singlets. All were bought to the office over one week.