The Opening of the Brigidine Centre -Kildare College 

There is always so much to celebrate at Kildare. As a Catholic College, we uphold strong Christian values and provide lifelong learning opportunities in an inclusive and nurturing educational environment.

The multipurpose building has been fittingly named the ‘Brigidine Centre’. It is extremely important for the name to have a meaningful connection. One that reflects beautifully on the College’s history, its traditions and future endeavours.


The name honours the five Brigidine Sisters who in 1966 set up a new Brigidine school called Kildare College in the North East of Adelaide, at the request of Archbishop Beovich of Adelaide. It recognises the hard work of all Brigidine Sisters who taught at the College throughout its history, and the presence of the Brigidine Sisters in Adelaide who proudly educated young women in the Brigidine tradition. Furthermore, it cements the importance of their hard work for future Kildare students, and this should certainly be acknowledged and honored with great esteem.


This was a momentous occasion for the whole College community. Our newest building on the College’s landscape was finished and handed over from the builders, Sarah Constructions, to the College, on time after only 180 days of construction. What a marvelous achievement.

We have a staunch belief that “every student matters” and that every student has the right to learn in a stimulating environment, where she achieves excellence and is supported holistically.

Let us be mindful that, just as St Brigid and Nano Nagle did, we too can have our lives transformed by love, compassion and purpose through God’s work in everything we do.




Margaret Rouggos