As the Trustees of Kildare Ministries travel around the Ministries for a variety of meetings, we are constantly filled with wonder at the work being done in each of those Ministries; and no matter whether they are schools or community works, HOSPITALITY is always a life giving mark of each community.   It’s more than a warm cuppa – it’s something deeper which allows each of us to be open to others in the ups and downs of life.  

Recently we celebrated with the Board of Brigidine College Indooroopilly the achievements of their past twelve months, their hopes for the future and the challenges within that.   Such occasions and conversations with our Ministry leaders are important for good governance and for our work together.   We congratulate BCI on a wonderful year’s achievements, and for the culture of hospitality they have nurtured and strengthened in their community since 1929.  

Following our sojourn in Brisbane, we travelled to Kildare College in Adelaide for the official opening of their new Brigidine Centre.  It’s a wonderful addition to the College, and there was so much joy among the students who will use it in so many creative ways – drama, music and performance, and PE.   We congratulate Principal, Ms Rouggos and her team for this outstanding achievement.   Students will feel both hospitality and hope as they learn in the Brigidine Centre.  

As we come together to deepen understanding of our faith, our charisms and the unfolding story of Kildare Ministries, lively and fruitful discussions have been taking place about the Trustees’ Strategic Intentions for 2019-2020.    How will we all “respond to the cries of the Poor and the Cries of the Earth” in our ministries?  How will we be better informed on emerging ethical and moral issues that will impact on the common good and the common home?   How will we deepen our KM story and our interconnectedness?   We face and discuss these questions using the lens of the Living Justice Principles.   It is life giving, challenging and courageous to build a culture where through scripture, prayer and the reading of  wisdom, we can be focused on contributing to the building of a better world.   Our young people and community works friends have the right to expect that of us.

Thinking about these intentions is to think about the future into which we are inviting students and adults in our communities.   St. Brigid, Bishop Daniel Delaney and Nano Nagle all tried to actively bring about a better future; though it was not without certain risk.   Jesus’ story inspired them, and can do so with us today.     

As we stand on the door step of winter, our reflections and actions can contribute to a better spring in people’s lives.    Each of our ministries will have a different focus on how they will do this.    We wish them well, as we all give action to that challenge!  

From our Kildare Ministries prayer:

May we hear the ancient blessings

Breathed into the ears of our hearts

As we create the path

To journey by a new and different way.





Rosemary Copeland & Maree Marsh csb

Co-Chairs - Trustees of Kildare Ministries