Year 4 French Film Excursion, "Little Nicolas'Teasure"

On Monday 28th of March, our grades 4 went on an excursion to the Kino cinema to watch "Little Nicholas' treasure" during the French Film Festival. Before attending the movie session, the children had worked on the characters in the story and the story line. This first excursion to the French Film Festival was a success and our grades 4 did extremely well at understanding and enjoying the film.

Here is a summary of the story: What Nicholas (9) loves most is playing with his gang of middle school pals, The Invincibles. Adorable, yet mischievous, they have all sorts of adventures together and life could not be funnier. So when his dad gets promoted and announces that the family is relocating to the South of France, his world falls apart. Little Nicholas cannot live without his friends. But the pack has a plan to prevent this terrible relocation: a treasure hunt.



Year 2's Reading in Foundations Classes

On Tuesday 5th of April, our lovely grades 2 went to read a story in French and in English in the foundations' classrooms. The grades 2 have worked in the past weeks on a French book, "Va-t'en Grand Monstre Vert!" to learn about colours and body-parts in French. They have been very enthusiastic to practice reading the book in French and proud to be given the chance to read to their foundation friends. Bravo grades 2! Well done for your amazing work in French!


Merci beaucoup