Deputy Principal Report

              Matthew Mooney

Dear Parents,


It has been a wonderful first term. With the break upon us we now look forward to an equally exciting second term. 


We congratulate our SRC representatives, presented at assembly on Wednesday and look forward to their valuable leardership and input throughout term 2.


There is also some information below regarding the STOMP Performance which will take place on the Thursday night and Friday morning of the first week back.


Term 2 also will also see the commencement of interschool sport for the Year 5/6 students, Reconciliation for our Year 3's and the Swimming program for our Foundation to Year 4 students.


Enjoy a safe and happy holiday and Easter celebration with your families and we look forward to another exciting term upon your return.



Matthew Mooney


SRC leaders - Term 2 2022

FFAmelie D and Charlie J
FGNicholas A and Renee A
1JAva K and Finn Z
1KMilana D and Zachary R
2HLenny F and Charlotte B
2IArabella B and Edward O
3DCayetana M and Syon S
3EAlfie S and Zoe K
4CEssie H and Jake R
4LGabi M and Harry P
5ALucas C and Eleanor A
5BViraj M and Alice G


Our highly anticipated STOMP performance is scheduled for 

Thursday, April 28 at 7:00pm

Families will be invited along to the performance which will be outside under lights so that it can be conducted in a COVID safe way.


To give parents a second opportunity to see the performance, we will repeat the show

Friday. April 29 at 9:00am


To help give parents time to organise costumes for the performance, details of what the teachers would like the students to wear are detailed in the table below.


Further details about how the performances will operate will be sent out after the holidays.


Class / Level



Children wear their house colours with bare feet. We will make feathers for their tails.  

Year 1

White pants/ leggings/ shorts

Hawaiian shirts (or colourful Tshirts)

Bare feet

Year 2

Children will be wearing all black (leggings, long sleeved top) and bare feet.

They will have sparkly stick on bindis on their faces.

They will have colourful tassels attached to their wrists using black elastic and coloured streamer crepe paper (supplied and made by teachers)

We may spray colour in their hair.

Year 3

Parents to organise:

Both boys and girls: Black track pants or leggings

House polo shirts 

Runners on feet

Hair tied back for girls

Teachers to supply:

Coloured panel pinned to front

Wrist bands

Sparkly antennae


Parents to organise:

Black pants/leggings/jeans, a coloured top either blue, red or green. 

Teacher will let individual children know which colour they will wear.  (no logos), runners


All black clothing, with Moon cutout pinned to top (school provides)

Year 5

All Year 5/6 students:

Children wear dark pants/leggings/jeans

Wear plain bright coloured tshirt - no brands, no logos

Wear sneakers/runners/street shoes

Girls - bring their own cap.

Boys - bandanas supplied

Year 6