Our Story Begins...

Maya Somerville 7C3

By Wednesday the 30th of January, the big day had finally come. All the hustle and bustle of the last minute Kmart trips, emergency stationary shopping, and stops at Bob Stewarts, were finally coming to an end. Now all that was left was the next six years of Melbourne Girls College.


By the time I arrived at the school courtyard, my heart was racing, anticipation rising. Students and their families flooded the area. After a solid 15 minutes of my stomach churning, knees violently trembling and posing for photos, we were all ushered into the auditorium, where my first day of high school began.


I could not have imagined a better chapter to start my story off at Melbourne Girls College. With my new class, we familiarised ourselves with the incredible environment we would be spending the rest of our schooling lives in. After the assembly had come to an end, it was time to tackle the Lyceum where we would partake in our first proper Wellbeing session. This gave us the opportunity to get to know our Wellbeing teachers and new peers.

With the morning almost at an end, the recess bell had finally rung. As I entered the canteen, it was packed to the brim. It was strange seeing nearly all of the year 7s in one place - and let me just say, there were a lot of them! From donuts to noodles, iced tea to pizzas, this canteen seriously had it all. Not only did I get the chance to explore the new grounds during recess, but I was also given the chance to get to know some other girls.


The rest of the day was all about getting us to settle in. For instance, we all got our new lockers! A moment I personally really looked forward to. Not to mention, for third period, we had our first go at a normal lesson.


After lunch, to end the day, we all learnt a bit about public transport- what to do and what not to do. We also met some of our transport buddies; the students on the same tram or train lines. This was extremely helpful and will definitely impact the way we touch on and off at stations, tram and bus stops.


Overall, my first day, and I’m sure everyone else’s, was great, and I really look forward to the rest of year 7!