Year 9 and 10 News


Betty SINGH - Year 9 Coordinator







Senior Interschool Sport – Volleyball 

A huge congratulations to HSC Senior Boys Volleyball teams. Both teams dominated on the day. 


Senior A team: Ringo W, Lucas C, Andrei D, Mahdi M, John Q, Arta R, Elijah T, Jordon T and Trevor Y. They went through the day undefeated and made it through to the Regional Division, this is to be played later in the year. Congratulations and good luck with the next stage of the competition. 









Senior B team: Gawishka C, Ethan C, Callum D, Siavash D, Amr E, Joshua M, Asher Q and Reuban T. The B team were also successful on the day, winning the overall final for Pool B. Both teams demonstrated Excellence on the day! 











Joanne HOWARD - Geography Teacher

Year 9 -10 Geography Coasts and Connections Beach Excursion


As part of their studies in the Year 9 and 10 Geography Coasts and Connections Unit, students have been learning about coastal landforms and investigating and evaluating coastal management strategies. 


On Tuesday 7th of March, 24 students travelled by mini bus to the Mornington Peninsula to visit a variety of coastal environments and view these features first hand.  Although the weather was cool and windy, the rain stayed away allowing students to visit and complete observations at London Bridge National Park near Portsea, Sorrento Village, Bay beach and Rye beach.   Students collected data, completed sketches and took photos that will be used in class to complete an individual fieldwork report. Students are to be commended for their excellent behaviour and focus throughout the day.  A big thank you to Mr Tawa for driving the minibus on the day.