Maria SMITH - Librarian







Year 7 HSC Library Information Sessions

As part of the Information Sessions, our Year 7s excitedly explored their new-found learning hub looking for books in the different sections of the Library using the Dewey Classification system on the books’ spine labels. The Year 7s also learned what genre means, where and how to search for resources, how to borrow and return books, where to print and photocopy, and who to ask for support when they encounter issues. There are also Library rules reinforced and daily Lunchtime activities explained during the session that the students confidently participated in.


Empathy Week 2023

Huge thanks to Head of Senior School Carly Woo for involving the Library in their Focus Group “We Need Diverse Books” Project Proposal activity as part of Empathy Week. Senior students were asked to recommend books that teach, celebrate, and inspire empathy. 

There were a number of books proposed however R. J. Palacio’s Wonder topped the list. 

A tremendously powerful read exploring the fundamental truths about how humans behave and how they should behave, Wonder explores the story of 10-year old August (Auggie) Pullman whose life experiences and resilient attitude teach and inspire kindness and empathy, and “whose quiet strength has carried up the most hearts”.  

As Nicholas Sparks has also recommended “Do yourself a favour and read this book – your life will be better for it”.  So why not come to the Library and borrow Wonder!


Hey Manga Lovers! What’s new in our Graphic Novel collection, come and check out our newly-arrived amazing animes waiting for you!










Writers Wanted!

There are writing competitions all over Australia to encourage our students to explore and enhance their writing capabilities, and here is one for you, just check out this link for more information on how to join. Posters have been displayed throughout the school, thanks to Arneiysh K, Liesel L and Yong HM for their enthusiastic support. 


Competition Information (per link)

Entry is now open for the 2023 Schools Poetry & Short Story 'Cool Writings' Writing Competition! Students all over Australia are invited to enter their 16 line poems OR 500 word short stories, and battle it out for the great cash & prizes on offer.


There is no theme!! Entrants are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and write on ANY TOPIC and in ANY STYLE. Students from ALL GRADES are welcome to enter - Kindergarten to Grade 12. Entry is FREE and all entries must be in by the closing date of 26 March 2023!


Teen Writing Bootcamp registration for four sessions throughout March

Meet playwright, poet and essayist Didem Caia online and learn the art of truth-telling, memoir writing and essaying in four FREE sessions, thanks to State Library Victoria for this opportunity for students to enhance their writing skill. Why not register online and unlock your hidden creativity!!