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A Spotlight on Maths at ACS

Spotlight on Learning

Mathematics with Learning Specialist, Kate Lachmund



In 2023 and 2024, ACS will be participating in the Primary Maths and Science Specialists Initiative. This means that teachers connect with other schools across Victoria and participate in intensive maths and science education training. Our PMSS leaders will be working closely with staff to support the implementation of our ACS Mathematics teaching and learning framework. This is a wonderful support to our existing instructional leadership structure in Mathematics, and we look forward to sharing the journey with the school community over the next two years!



Meet the team

Laura is a Year 2 teacher and shares a homegroup with Nicole P.      She loves learning and teaching maths with her students and teachers. Laura’s favourite stand of maths is Measurement and Geometry. Laura’s favourite maths quote is,  Maths is the only time you can buy 64 watermelons and no one wonders why! 


Andrea is very busy at the moment wearing multiple hats, as this PMSS leader is currently the Acting Leading Teacher for Years 1&2! She has always enjoyed learning maths in her own schooling. Maths is her favourite subject to teach. Andrea’s favourite maths quote is, Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen.


Number Fluency

This semester, ACS has a whole school focus on Number Fluency. Number Fluency is an essential component to developing procedural and conceptual understanding as well as the foundational skills required for Problem Solving.