From the Diversity Team

Diversity team meets every Tuesday lunchtime in room 103 to help raise awareness relating to various kinds of social issues in order to make MGC and the community around us a better place.


At the moment, the Diversity Team is working on celebrating Ramadan which is on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. As for this year, Ramadan will be from April 12 - May 12. This is a very important day to all Muslims as it is the holiest month of the year and is a time for spiritual reflection and growth. During Ramadan, everyone fasts, prays and takes time to reflect. 

Here is one student's experiences during Ramadan: 

My family and I wake up at about 4 am every morning to eat a big breakfast because we fast from dawn to sunset and so we eat before dawn. This meal is called suhoor in Arabic. You don't have to eat suhoor if you don't want to, but it sure makes your fast a lot easier. At sunset we have a small meal called Iftaar in Arabic. Iftaar is compulsory, but it can be just a date and some water. Then we have dinner as usual. Also, we have a special prayer every night of Ramadan called Taraweeh. At the end of Ramadan, which is 29 or 30 days, we have a big celebration called Eid, and it is forbidden to fast on this day, because it is a day of celebration. My family and I eat breakfast, and then go to a special prayer and open gifts. After the prayer, we usually have family friends over for lunch, and then go to our great aunt's house for dinner, and that usually lasts until after 10 or 11pm. Eid actually lasts for 3 days, but the big celebration is on the first day. As you can tell, Eid is lots of fun! 
- Zaynab Syed, Year 7 


To embrace this special day at MGC, The Diversity Team is going to set up dedicated praying rooms for those that wish to pray. These will be open at both recess and lunchtime in room 304


Below are some other exciting events that are coming up later on in the year! 

  General Events Around Melbourne Coming Up:

MIDSUMMA Festival: Midsumma Festival is Melbourne's annual LGBTQIA+ event that celebrates culture and local communities. Over the course of the 22-day festival, you can look forward to more than 165 queer events. 

  • ADDRESS: Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne
  • DATES: 19 April - 5 may

 LGBTIQA+ Health and Wellbeing Day: A day for local LGBTIQA+ communities to reconnect post COVID-19. 

  • DATE: Saturday may 8th,  9:30am - 4:30pm
  • ADDRESS: 104 Ferguson Street, Williamstown

BUNURONG PRIDE -Second event where we celebrate indigenous culture with amazing performances! 

  • DATE: Saturday may 8th
  • ADDRESS: 2/1 Minak road, Selby

 Yarra Valley Pride Cup 2021- where we celebrate diversity and inclusivity at the Yarra Valley Pride Cup 2021! 

  • DATE: Saturday may 8th, 10am - 6pm
  • ADDRESS: Yarra Glen Recreational Reserve and Showground