Information for learning onsite

Update for onsite supervision

The onsite supervision program will continue to operate for students in Years 3 to 6 whose parents are not able to make alternative arrangements. However, numbers are starting to grow steadily and we are reaching the limit of the number of children we can supervise before the program will impact negatively on teachers to manage their remote learning program. 


Please remember, teachers who are at school supervising, are still attempting to complete all their online work including planning, assessment and feedback, content creation and student interaction - while supervising the children who are onsite. 


Therefore, for parents who have been sending their children to school for supervision for various reasons, we ask you to keep reconsidering if it is necessary for that particular day. During this period of remote learning, children should only be attending school onsite if there are no alternative care arrangements available for that day. 

Who is eligible

It is important to remember that we are all expected to do our part in reducing the number of interactions and possible instances of transmission within the community. It is for that reason that the Victorian Government has declared that "all students who can learn at home must learn from home."


Parents are encouraged to explore all alternative options available before sending their children to learn onsite. 


The onsite program during this period is a 'supervision only' program. This means that students will be supported to access their remote learning but there is no additional teaching that takes place. Unfortunately, it is quite dull for the students as there are many activities that are restricted to increase infection control at school. 


Before attending, parents must complete and submit this form weekly, indicating the requested days of attendance. Students cannot attend the onsite program without a signed copy of this form having been submitted. Email completed forms to Ken at


If you have submitted the form, the following information sheet is a quick reference for pick up/drop off and what students should bring.