Health & Wellbeing

Students who feel unwell

One of the most effective and obvious ways we can all help at this time is to ensure that we do not come onto school grounds if we are feeling unwell. 

For all of us, our tolerance for sickness, needs to be very low. 

So, if your child complains about feeling unwell in the morning, they must stay home. It is always disappointing when a child vomits at 9.15am and tells us they told the parent they were feeling sick in the morning. It will be especially frustrating if that occurs in this climate. 

Likewise, parents who are not feeling well, should avoid coming onto school grounds. 

Similarly, teachers have been given the same instructions. Where normally a lot of us would 'persevere' and work through a head cold, we all need to be sensible, call in sick, and if displaying flu-like symptoms, consulting with a GP. 

Given the climate, if your child is unwell but a doctor has said they don't have COVID-19, we still request that children remain away from school until symptoms clear. 


Students who complain about feeling unwell at school or who are sneezing, coughing, lethargic, etc. will be responded to following a common process in the school. 

This includes being asked to wear a mask and being transferred by a staff member to a room close to admin where they will be monitored and have their temperature checked. 

A staff member will call parents to enquire about your child's condition and explain what is being observed. 

In most cases, unless it appears to be a false alarm or there is an underlying medical condition that can be treated with medication at school, parents will be asked to collect your child and to see a doctor. 

If a staff member requests for you to collect your child due to sickness, it is an expectation that you will make arrangements for them to be collected promptly. 


Talking to children about returning to school

We know that many children will be struggling with the idea of returning to school. 


Other students will be concerned about the virus and worried that they might get sick. 


Jess Mann has developed this short story that you can read with your child to assist with discussing some of these concerns.


Read the Story


Teachers are also starting to work with students to prepare them for the return and there will be a focus in the classroom on ensuring students are feeling comfortable at school, once they return. 


If you have concerns about how your child will manage with this transition, please contact your child's teacher and we can work together to support them effectively.