How are we minimising 

risk at school? 

Hand Hygiene

Students will be instructed to regularly wash their hands before and after activities and routinely through the day. 

Students will be expected to wash their hands before eating and after playing outside. 

Soap dispensers throughout the school have been upgraded to new foaming soap dispensers and hand sanitiser is available throughout all areas of the school. 

Students in Prep-Year 2 will also be provided with an individual sanitiser for their bags, these have been generously donated by Eastland. 

Enhanced Cleaning

The Department of Education and Training has arranged for an enhanced cleaning service in all schools that will provide some progressive cleaning during the day.  We have made arrangements with our cleaners to increase this even further so areas that are frequently touched or have high traffic, will be cleaned regularly during the day, as well as our regular cleaning after school. 

Teachers have also been provided with extra cleaning equipment in their spaces to enable ongoing cleaning throughout the day. 


Reducing Shared Equipment

Where possible, students will have individually assigned equipment that they will use throughout the day. We have purchased more stationery to enable this. 

Other equipment that might ordinarily be shared may not be used during this time (e.g. dress ups). 

Equipment that plays an important role in the curriculum but will need to be shared (e.g. musical instruments) will be routinely sanitised and students will wash hands before and after use. 

Only sanitised sports equipment will be used as part of Sports and Physical Education lessons. 

Students are not permitted to bring their own sports equipment or toys, including Bey Blades, Pokemon cards, cricket bats etc. 

We will apply a 'quarantine' period to books to reduce the chances of transmission through shared books. 

Playgrounds will be disinfected each morning.


Reduced Access to School

Limiting the number of people moving through the buildings: this includes visitors, volunteers, school tours, and service providers. 

Inducting contractors and maintenance workers in processes to increase sanitisation and reduce the risk of transmission.  

Instrumental teachers can continue to deliver remote lessons during Term 2 at a time arranged by the instructor, parents and the classroom teacher.


Reducing Mixed Year Level Activities

Whole school assemblies will not be held (in physical spaces) during this time. 

Connect groups are postponed. 

Playgrounds will be limited to particular year levels. 

Lunchtime clubs, Choir and other mixed-level activities are postponed. 

Canteen will operate from June 9 (online orders only) but there will be no over-the-counter sales during this time.