Remote Learning Special Edition 3

Returning to Onsite Learning

Following last week's announcement by the Premier and Victoria's Chief Medical Officer, we are all set for students to return in the coming weeks. 


Students in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 are expected to return to onsite learning on Tuesday May 26. Students in Years 1 and 2 will be learning in their NEW learning space. 


Students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will continue remote learning from home for 2 weeks and then return to onsite learning on Tuesday June 9. 


Monday May 25 is a curriculum day for all students, Prep to Year 6, and Monday June 8 is a public holiday. 


Following the return to onsite learning for their year level, students are expected to attend school. Students who do not attend school will be considered absent. Students who do not attend school will not have access to a remote learning program. 


Students who have medical reasons for not attending school should contact the school to discuss what options are available for these children. 


The following information has been developed with reference to the department guidelines and in consultation with staff and parents on School Council. 


As with everything throughout this period of time, each school will have a slightly different approach based on local needs and context. 


It is important to note that these are the arrangements for Ringwood North Primary School and whatever news reports you may see or read in the coming weeks about other schools, these will remain our arrangements unless otherwise notified. 


Each school will be different, just as it has been with remote learning, and no approach is more or less correct. If at any time you are confused or unsure about something, please don't hesitate to contact me directly ( or email your child's teacher through Compass. 


It is important to note that the advice from the Chief Medical Officer is that schools are not required to enforce physical distancing with students but should aim to restrict adults from congregating. 


There are a number of measures we are putting in place that are designed to manage how adults move through the school, including staff, parents and visitors. The aim is to limit the opportunity for the spread of infection. 


We ask that all parents take common sense measures to support this: following directions provided by the school about where to go; don't block pathways that people need to travel through; and don't congregate together within the school. 


We are allowed to visit friends and family at home now, which is wonderful, so if you would like to catch up with a friend you haven't seen for some time, please arrange for this to happen at home, not at school. 


Please take care. 


Instructions for Returning to School


Morning Drop Off

Parents are encouraged not to enter school grounds if you don't need to. If your child can walk into school and to their class without you, you should ask them to do this. 


Students will enter classrooms from 8.45am. They should not play on playgrounds or other areas before school. There is no need for students to line up, they can proceed directly inside as they arrive. 


We are relaxing the start of school, so not all students need to be waiting for their teacher at 9am. 


Families should identify a time between 8.45am and 9.30am that they will arrive at school. We will not assign you a time, but you have the flexibility to choose any time in this window and encourage you to use this flexibility. 


Teachers will be marking the roll and starting formal lessons at 9.30am, so all students must be in their class before this time. Students will compete quiet work with the teacher until this time.


When students arrive on school grounds, they proceed directly to their classroom. 


If a parent needs to help their child come into school, that's fine. We ask that parents bring their child onto the basketball court (from Oban Rd) or the oval (from Athelstane Park), get them sorted and then leave it to staff to help your child get to class. Parents should then exit the school. Please don't linger in these areas.  


In extreme cases, if a child will not let go, staff will assist parents and students to get the child to class. 


Afternoon Pick Up

Due to the congestion on Oban Rd in the afternoons, we feel it is important to prioritise road safety as well as minimising the risk of transmission among adults.


Again, we have a relaxed window for departure, so students can be collected any time from 3pm to 3.30pm. 


If you are collecting a child anytime before 3.30pm, proceed to the Office window and tell the office staff who you are collecting. Your child's teacher will be contacted and your child will meet you on the basketball court. You should not go to the classroom to meet them.


If collecting at 3.30pm, year levels will have an assigned area for pick up. Older siblings will go to the younger siblings and wait with them. 


Parents should go to the area assigned for the youngest child and collect children from there. 

Again, please don't linger in this area and chat, collect your children and move on. 



Before and After school care continues to operate as usual. Please contact the school on 9876 3411 to register your child's attendance or ask any questions you may have.