Learning and Teaching

Welcome back to our final term for 2021! We are looking forward to having the children back on-site in a few weeks time. However, there are just a few weeks of remote learning left for all the children. Over the next few weeks, the structure of our online learning will remain the same as the end of Term 3. Your child/children will remain online with their teacher for longer sessions and will complete some of their work for that lesson with the teacher. 


An important thing to remember is to upload the work that has been completed. This gives the teachers a chance to see what the children can achieve and make decisions about what will be next in the child’s learning. Our team of teachers look at all the work that is submitted so always click turn in!


Space Week by Scienceworks

This week is Space Week. At Scienceworks they have put together a range of activities for you to enjoy during this week. Some examples are:

  • Constellation in a Cup
  • Hello from the Moon!
  • Painting a Nebula
  • The Solar System in your pocket
  • Make a galaxy biscuit
  • Find the Full Moon

Find the links to the activities and more at this site - https://museumsvictoria.com.au/scienceworks/space-week/


Year 1 and 2 Community - Pig the Pug stories

Late last term, the Year 1 and 2 Community innovated on the Pig the Pug stories by Aaron Blabey. As classes, they studied the structure of the Pig the Pug stories and thought about how they could write their own. Each child brainstormed and planned a new story about Pig and an adventure that he could get up to. They then composed, revised and published their work. On the last day of term, each Year 1/2 class held an Author’s Day to celebrate their work. Check out some of the stories below.


Deborah Courtney

Director of Learning and Teaching