Year 3/4 Excursion to the MCG,

On Tuesday, the Year 3/4 students went to the MCG for our first excursion in a very long time! We learnt a lot about the history of sport at the MCG Museum, we met a former Olympic speed skater, and we played lots of sports games in the interactive area. That was heaps of fun! We were allowed to keep our access sweatbands, so we can return another time and continue to earn participation points. We even got to walk on the MCG and touch the grass. We had to be a bit sneaky about that though, because it’s not really permitted, but our amazing tour guides let us do it ha ha ha. After our visit, we enjoyed our lunch outside and had a run around on the grass. It was a fabulous day!


Clemence H: We met an Olympian (Richard Goerlitz), which was really cool.

Sophie G1: I thought it was really fun, especially the game area.

Elea: We got to go where all the athletics train and have their discussions.

Valentine: I loved the game room because it was really fun.

Gabby: There were lots of things to keep us entertained.