To finish off the year, students in Year 7 practice their coding skills using Micro Bits and Lego Mindstorms. Students followed various tutorials to instruct their Microbit to display certain words, patterns and shapes. Some students even made their own dice and love meters. 


Students also learned how to create programs for the Lego Mindstorm EV3. With their Chromebooks, students connected to an EV3 through bluetooth and created their own programs to be sent to the paired EV3 brick. 


Working in pairs, the Year 7 students solved a series of problems presented to them, using a new application called EV3 Classroom. Students created programs that instructed their EV3s to perform certain maneuvers, such as moving a certain distance, rotating and creating certain shapes. 


Cameron Chan

Maths and ICT Teacher


Ryan Liu describes his experience below:


Robotics, with ICT, was a fabulous experience. In this part of the subject we were tasked with programming our EV3 with a various array of commands. We could make the machine speed up, slow down and even spin! We used an application called EV3 classroom to do this task. We also then had a session on “microbits”: these were small pieces of hardware that acted like a computer motherboard. They could flash, make sound and even do calculations! This was a fun and enjoyable series of sessions


Ryan Liu

Year 7 Student


 The Grok challenges have finished for the year and it was great to be able to present these young people with their certificates of excellence. 


Stefan Tale (Year 7) - Perfect Score in NCSS Beginners Python


Khushi Agarwal (Year 7) - Perfect Score in NCSS Beginners Python and in Web Comp Beginners


Maleesha Dharmadasa (Year 7) - Perfect Score in NCSS Beginners Python and in Web Comp Beginners


Linh Vu (Year 8) - Perfect Score in NCSS Beginners Python


It is wonderful to see these students taking on these challenges which require a great deal of effort, resilience and commitment.


Shirley Munro

ICT Learning Area Manager