A reminder to families that booklists for 2022 can now be completed online through Campion Education. The link is on the College website or can be accessed here.  If prompted, the 4 digit code is 28P3. School pick-up will not be available in late January due to Covid-19, so if families would like their orders home delivered during the summer holidays, the online process needs to be completed by Wednesday 15 December. Campion has included a set $10 charge to cover the packing and home delivery costs.  Families need to create an account on the Campion website (if they don't already have one). 


For families interested in buying/selling secondhand books, information about the Sustainable School Shop can be accessed here (this link is also on the College website). Please ensure you check the edition of the book on the booklist before purchasing any second-hand texts.  


A reminder that all students from Years 7-12 require a Chromebook purchased through our supplier. As with other parent-purchased resources (such as textbooks), these devices have been selected specifically to enhance our curriculum. The success of our Chromebook program relies on all students working on the same platform; therefore, bringing a device not purchased through the school's supplier is problematic. Students may experience network accessibility issues, while non-school approved devices cannot be serviced and maintained by our technicians. In addition, we are continuously rolling out new Google apps and features through our school domain and these are only compatible with Chromebooks purchased through our supplier. For these reasons, students bringing a different device to school (e.g. MacBook, Windows laptop) may be at a disadvantage in the classroom.


If you need to organise a new Chromebook for your child for the 2022 school year, here are the instructions for ordering online: 

  • Click on this portal link:
  • The Access Code is MSC2022 (for the ‘Purchase’ section)
  • When entering your child’s details, the 'Student Username' is their McKinnon student code

McKinnon’s Chromebook program plays an incredibly important role in delivering an effective and engaging curriculum to our students. Its success relies on all students using a standard platform and we thank all families for their ongoing support.


Junior School classes (Years 7 to 9) will continue up until Friday 10 December. We have, however, organised some onsite programs/activities in these final days to help engage and support students in their learning after what has been a challenging year.  Full details have been provided to parents/carers, via the Compass Newsfeed.


In the final week of the year, the College will be conducting Presentation Assembly rehearsals on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 December. The last three days of the year (Wednesday 15 - Friday 17 December) are staff curriculum/planning days and no normal classes will run.


We would like to thank all families for their efforts and support in 2021 and hope everyone has a restful summer break.