During their Measurement Unit, Year 7 students were required to complete a project finding the perimeter, area and volume of a range of items around the school. 


They found themselves spending time in the sun (or rain!) with their classmates, using a tape measure to measure items. Some were as small as a toilet sign, to as large as a 35m squared shade cloth. In addition to this, students were asked to create a scaled garden plan for the new McKinnon East Campus. 


Photos below showcase a small sample of the great work produced by the Year 7 students. 


Natalie Little

Mathematics Teacher


“I had fun running around and measuring things with my friends. The fun went to extreme LENGTHS!” 

Shiv Balasubramaniam (Year 7E)


“Physically doing measurement rather than doing it on paper brings a new feel for learning and it makes you understand why we need to learn about it.” 

Alfie Davies (Year 7F)


“I found the Project to be a great difference to the standardized sitting down written test and I enjoyed it because I got to be outside and talk to my friends all the while still doing a test.” Andreja Horvat (Year 7G)


“I found it very enjoyable to go outside and be in the fresh air with my friends and measure random items. It was very fascinating to do so especially since we haven't had much time around the school because of COVID and having to quarantine especially as Year 7s who haven't really explored the school much yet.” Mia McMahon (Year 7G)


“From this project I learnt how to find the area of more complex shapes, find the circumference of a circle, how to accurately scale measurements and how to find the area of a circle.” 

Elle Varvodic (Year 7G)