All children would have received a slip indicating what books they still have on loan.  A few children have come to me to tell me they cannot find the book, or that they never had it.  Please be aware that only Grades 5 and 6 can use the borrowing computer.  Grades Prep to 4, the teacher is the only one who can borrow or return books.  

When children come to me, there are a couple of steps I ask of them

  1. Go home and have a good look for them
  2. Have a really good look around the classroom
  3. Check the shelves to make sure it hasn’t been put back without being returned 

The link below will take you to Orbit where you can check which books your child has, and you can see the front cover.  You only need to use your child's student ID, no password is necessary 


Each year we lose many, many books, and if you average the cost at $15, each it can add up to a few thousand dollars.  For this reason, we are trying to get all our books back ready to start again next year.  Your help with this is greatly appreciated.