Principal's Report


Quite a bit has been happening behind the scenes this term as we prepare for 2020.  Selection panels have been running to fill vacancies and in the coming fortnight we will be able to communicate our class structure and teacher allocations for 2020 which will be of interest for many of you. Don’t expect any surprises, as things will look very similar to this year.


Teachers have commenced the process of sorting students into class groupings for next year, ensuring we develop truly balanced classes and with student friendship groups in mind.  A big thank you to parents who have been very considerate with their classroom placement requests. This makes it possible for us to meet those requests, whilst still being able to develop class groupings that will work.r


Students will find out who their teacher is for 2020 and which classroom they will be in on the last Tuesday of term (December 17).  End of year reports will become available on Compass from the evening of Friday November 29. In terms of accessing reports, support will be through Compass and this will appear on next week’s newsletter.


Parent Teacher Interviews (without or without their child….your choice) and 3 Way Conversations (definitely with your child) given teachers the opportunity to provide additional information on your child’s year.  These will be held on December 3 and 12.


Please note that school finishes at 1pm on December 3.  Base 1270 will run from 1-6pm on this day, with the cost being the same as a regular after school session.  Contact Mel in the office to enrol your child.


For many years we have implemented a range of strategies to ensure our new preps start school feeling confident in their new environment.  From early last year we have made a concerted effort to improve the way we prepare grade 6 students for their transition to secondary school. 


Most of our students transition to Mt Clear College or Damascus, so we have been working with the staff and leadership of those schools to better understand what our children will experience at their schools. 


This has included grade 6 teachers spending time at Mt Clear College and Damascus.  These visits have included visiting classrooms and talking to year 7 teachers, ex-Buninyong PS students and school leadership.


This has been a valuable experience as we work towards improving the way we prepare our grade 6s for the transition to secondary school.


We wish the best of luck to our students, staff and parents who are competing in the Energy Break Through event in Maryborough on Thursday and Friday.  A power of work has gone into this program, and whatever the result on Friday, the students involved will have learnt a great deal and been part of something they’ll remember for a long time.