WELC Report

Message from the WELC Coordinator

- Ms. Carmela Santucci


Numeracy and Literacy Week

WELC students celebrated Literacy and Numeracy Week in August, with group activities.

Each group was given a problem to solve. The initial activity was for the group to read and understand the language used in posing the problem. Collectively each group then proceeded to solve their respective problem. It was great to see the many strategies students employed and the cheers of success once the task was completed. Well done to all!


City Experience

On Monday 10th September, WELC students visited Old Melbourne Gaol. In class, students had studied the history of the gaol, and on the day of the excursion, they were required to take notes and complete an activity. Listening to the guide's many stories about the gaol and why people went to gaol in Melbourne’s early history was fascinating. Students had the opportunity to practise their English skills as they asked many follow-up questions.

Students also visited Hosier Lane. As one of Melbourne’s most popular tourist attractions, Hosier Lane did not disappoint with the bold and expressive art work on display.


Reading Program

To assist students with reading, WELC runs a Top Up Reading Program before school. Students attend three times each week and read with the support of the MEAs. Students’ progress is monitored and they are encouraged to continue their reading and to practise their vocabulary for homework.