Principals Report

News from the Principal

- Mr. Tristan Lanarus


Dear Westall Secondary College Community,


In Term 4 this year, we undertake our 4 year strategic review and planning process. Our last 4 years have been highly successful with most key targets successfully achieved.


I am pleased to share with you that across the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan period, we have:

  1. Increased enrolments from 410 to 590 students, surpassing our target of 572.
  2. Improved our VCE median score from 26.84 in 2015, to 27.18 in 2016, to 27.37 in 2017. Our target is 28 by the end of 2018, so the final result for this measure is to be confirmed in December this year.
  3. Attendance and exit destination data has gone from below State average to above State average.
  4. NAPLAN % below National Minimum Standard (NMS) has improved across all dimensions at Year 9.

Lower figure = improved result

% Below NMS at Year 9         2015                       2018

Writing                                          41.8                        28.0

Reading                                         15.6                        8.6

Spelling                                         19.4                        14.0

Grammar and Punctuation  29.9                        11.8

Numeracy                                       3.0                          1.1


Some very pleasing results that we should all be proud of.


A special thank you to all parents who recently completed the Parent Opinion Survey. On top of that and as part of the review process, on Tuesday 18th September during PT Interviews, we will attempt to get your responses to these three questions:


What you would like the school to:


1. Keep doing / you like / it is working

2. Stop doing / you dislike / it is not working

3 Start doing / new ideas / improvements


Please note that for Parent Teacher Interviews on 18th September, and the last day of term on 21st September, students will be dismissed at 2.30pm.


Make sure you come along to our School Production, “The Addams Family”, at Keysborough College Theatre, at 7.30pm on the 19th, 20th and 21st September.


Until next time!

Mr. Tristan Lanarus