OGEA Animal Friends

OGEA Animal Friends

By Brianna Chenevey



Lani is a 4-year-old, yellow Labrador Retriever, a breed renowned for their friendly nature and playful personality. In fact, yellow labs are commonly known as the perfect family dog with a personality that is meant to please. Lani joined the Juarez family as a puppy. According to Ileana Juarez, a first grade teacher at Baldwin Elementary School, she loves going to the beach in Santa Cruz, taking long walks, going on exciting car rides, and snuggling up with her family.



Flor, a Chihuahua and Bull Terrier mix, was rescued at just 4-months-old by Kathy Verbera’s family through a non-profit, no-kill, animal rescue organization known as Tailchaser Rescue. Flor and her four siblings were found in Manteca behind a grocery store. Flor was the most frightened puppy of the bunch, and it was then that Kathy’s family knew she was the one to be rescued. To this day, Flor remains shy and a bit skittish, but she loves her family dearly. She greets them excitedly when anyone arrives home. She enjoys playing with her dog toys and playing fetch around the house. According to Kathy, “Flor enjoys taking her family for walks.” She gives the best kisses, and one of her most favorite places to be is cozied up in the lap of one of her family members. Kathy Verbera is a special day class preschool teacher at Baldwin Elementary School.