Bargaining Update

by Bob Prola and Bargaining Team

Your OGEA bargaining team and the district met on October 19 to discuss compensation and evaluations. We completed the conversation around Evaluations, Article 10. Principals will be piloting the new forms.

Compensation: No cuts will be made in regards to compensation or benefits to OGEA members this year despite the District running a $6,500,000 deficit last year. They are projecting a $6,800,000 deficit this year. We made a proposal to the district, that our association will not receive an increase or a cut in compensation this year. However, we also proposed language that, if any other district employee receives any increase in compensation, OGEA members will receive the equivalent compensation. This includes the superintendent. We also made a proposal to include all unit members in the National Board, stipends, which currently only apply to teachers and speech therapists. Additionally, we proposed putting into the contract the stipends for Induction Support Providers. 


● OGEA is a democratic organization. 56% of our members gave feedback about compensation. Based on this feedback we determined that we were not significantly unified to push for compensation at this time.

● During the last contract negotiations, OGEA members received salary increases of 3.5% for the 2016-17 school year and 2.5% for the 2017-18 school year. Additionally, Health and Welfare benefits contributions from the district went up this year per previous negotiations.

● The district is currently spending down its savings (Special Reserve: Calero) by approximately $5,000,000 dollars per year. The district projects that this savings will be depleted in 3 years. The district anticipated saving money with multiple school closures. Currently, the school board has closed Glider and Miner schools which only resulted in a savings of $796,000.

● The leasing of Glider and Miner has not occurred as projected by the district. Currently, only 3 buildings at Miner have been leased. In order for the district to benefit from these closures, all buildings at both schools need to be fully leased. ● District enrollment declined by 431 students this year, which is worse than projected. This is a direct loss of money from the state to OGSD.

● The district is reconvening its budget committee to explore cuts. OGEA will hold two seats on the budget committee.

● The whole contract, including compensation, is open for negotiations again starting in March. We will be evaluating the district’s budget, surveying our members, and analyzing the possibilities of a raise moving forward.

● As an association, we need to take steps to work with each other and our community to strengthen our bargaining position in the spring. This gives the district time to work on it’s budgetary problems.


Please look for upcoming opportunities to give us feedback or ask questions. Your OGEA bargaining team and president will be coming to school sites, holding meetings and attending OGEA social events to give information and answer questions. If you have any questions, please speak with a member of your OGEA bargaining team, or your president, Dominic Rizzi,

Our next bargaining date is November 1. 

Bob Prola -- Bargaining Chair -- Ledesma 

Jimmie Brown -- District Counselor

Jasmin Miguel - Bernal

Chris De Graw -- Sakamoto

Belinda Lew - Itinerant Speech

Angie Hernandez -- Del Roble

Allyson Schweifler -- CTA Staff