Education in Faith

Stewardship of Creation

Within STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Economics, Arts and Mathematics) all students are exploring the concept of Sustainability, which links wonderfully with the Catholic Social Teaching of 'Stewardship of Creation'. This teaching allows us to acknowledge that we are all interconnected and that our actions impact on others around the world – particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised – meaning we need to take responsibility for our actions and decisions. How can we truly ‘be green’ – it is more than just recycling, reducing and reusing. It goes straight to the heart of what we buy and use each day, so that we consume and waste less – and so that what we do consume is as ethical and responsible as possible.


“People were created to be loved.

Things were created to be used.

The reason the world is in considerable chaos is because things are being loved

and people are being used.” - Source Unknown


We are able to connect again to our Social Teachings through the concept of the 'Common Good': that our responsibility as good stewards of creation is to care for our world and not ‘steal’ resources from brothers and sisters around the world future generations, or impact on our living in poverty. 


Why not have a dinner discussion with your family around what you can do to help care for our world and those less fortunate!?

 We should aim to choose simpler and

more sustainable lifestyle choices.


For example, we can:

• Decrease the amount of waste we

produce, and make sure to reduce,

reuse, recycle

• Switch to renewable energy sources

• Consider taking public transport, carpooling,

walk, run, cycle…

• Plant trees

• Turn off lights when not in use.

Winter Appeal

As temperatures continue to drop, individuals will begin breaking out warmer clothing when they prepare to leave their homes. Unfortunately, not everybody has that option. At Galilee, we will aid those less fortunate by collecting items such as gently used or new blankets, beanies, jackets, gloves and scarves to help "Share the Warmth". A basket will be kept at the front office for donations. Please ensure all donations are provided to the school by June 22nd. 

Sacrament of First Eucharist

The Year Three students will begin preparing for the Sacrament of the First Holy Communion. The Eucharist is the central and greatest sacrament of the Church. It is the means by which the Church is continually maintained in communion with Jesus Christ the Lord and the means by which each Christian participates in the once and for all sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. 

Term Two Dates

2/5 Holy Communion Faith Night at Galilee 6pm

9/5 Parent Information Session at OLMC and St. Peter and Paul's

11/5 Mother's Day Mass (Year 2)

21/5 P-2 Parish Mass at OLMC 9am students to be dropped off at Church and bused back to Galilee

28/5 Parish Mass Year 3/4 at St. Joseph's 9am students to be dropped off at Church and bused back to Galilee

1/6 Holy Communion Reflection Day at Galilee (Students wear free dress)

29/6 Feast of St. Peter and Paul Mass (Year 3) 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Joseph's 

23/4 Craft making in St. Joseph's Hall between noon and 3.30pm

23/4 Bible Students in St. Joseph's Hall at 6pm

24/4 Library Lecture "The Science, Spirituality and Practice of Compassion for Today's Fractured World" with Lynne Reeder

26/4 Meditation in the Malone Room 7-7.45 pm

28/4 Retreat Day on Celtic Spirituality 10 am- 3pm & Mass at 6pm 

St. Peter and Paul's Trivia

Save the date for Team Cap Trivia!!!

Get a group/table together and have a great night while supporting a great cause/great causes.

All money raised will go to support all the various projects being planned. Details of all the projects will be revealed in the lead up and on the night.


Get your tickets here:


Single tickets - $15

Groups/tables of 10 - $10 per person


If you don't have a group of 10, no problem. Just choose a ticket on any table from the trybooking table listing.