Principal's Report


Dear Families,


Last Monday afternoon we gathered as a school community to mark ANZAC Day. ANZAC Day is one of the most important national commemorative occasions in Australia, marking the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand armed forces during World War One. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Social Justice Leaders for leading our moving assembly, together with our School Captains Agnes and Liam. We would also like to thank Trent Bekis for his outstanding address and Michelle McCormack for her assistance. 

During the ceremony I spoke of my Grandfather, Kenneth Millar, who fought in World War II. He made many sacrifices by facing direct enemy contact and below are some photos (he is in the middle). He also was 'Mentioned in Dispatches' which was a significant honour. He was a good man and I can still remember his kindness and patience and the love he had for his grandchildren. However, he suffered injuries sustained in the War and only lived till I was eight years of age.

The term Mateship is often used to describe the ANZACs but it is a quality that the students can learn from and use each day. Caring for one another and displaying loyalty to family and friends is shown each day by the students. Our Year 6 students care for their Prep Buddies and when a student is hurt on the playground, they are always accompanied by others. Showing care for each other is another way of displaying Mateship at school.


What is NAPLAN? The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual national assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All students in these year levels are expected to participate in tests in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. All government, and non-government education authorities have contributed to the development of NAPLAN materials. Why do students do NAPLAN tests? NAPLAN tests are one aspect of the school’s assessment and reporting process, however they do not replace the extensive, ongoing assessments made by teachers about each student’s performance. If you do not wish your child to participate in the testing please speak to their teacher. We consider NAPLAN to be a useful tracking tool alongside the many other forms of assessment conducted weekly by teachers. Please read comments from the Geelong Advertiser below: “But it is imperative that schools, students and parents do not see it as the be-all and end-all measurement of success. Education is made up of so many components and performance in one test will not decide the future of any of these young children and the testing will not be the final say of just how good a school is. Education is so much more than just answers on an exam paper” (Geelong Advertiser, May 12, 2015). See below for the timetable for NAPLAN testing for Years 3 & 5 in 2018.


One of the most important measures of a school's performance, with NAPLAN, is the level of student growth measured from Year 3 to 5. In this area, we have made improved progress over the last three years. The Reading graph below shows how our growth has compared to Like Schools (Blue) and Schools starting with the same score in Year 3 (Yellow). In both occasions our student growth in Reading has been far higher. In 2017, we achieved our highest NAPLAN results in many years, across Years 3 & 5 which is one indicator that we are demonstrating improved student learning across Galilee.



Students can wear the Summer or Winter Uniform for the first two weeks of Term Two. From Monday April 30 (Week 3) students need to be in the full Winter Uniform unless wearing the Sport Uniform (PE lesson and all Fridays). Our Uniform Policy can be accessed on the school website.

New to Galilee

This term we welcome a new family: Willow 1S, Matilda 4G & Scarlett 6B with parents Craig and Dominique.

We also have Miss Georgie Hession teaching Digital Technology and Mr Martello in the new role of Deputy Principal with Mrs Gerecke.


This year the staff have introduced a new Mathematics assessment that has helped staff to gain a better understanding of their students. We are also introducing Learning Framework in Number to all year levels which has been developed by Professor Bob Wright. So far Prep-Year 3 teachers and Learning Support Officers have participated in training. Our Maths Leader, Mrs Jane Ferris, was one of the presenters. Learning Framework in Number provides a scaffold of learning for students to progress through and with the knowledge and skills to solve Number equations.


In a previous newsletter, the STREAM team explained their move to a Big Idea topic that will allow cross-curricular links during learning. The Big Idea for Term 2 will be: Sustainability. Sustainability focuses on protecting natural environments and creating an ecologically and socially just world, through action. Learning around this area develops capabilities and skills such as: critical thinking, reflection, evaluation, optimism, hope, resilience and a stronger connection to nature and the world around them. 


Ahead of a meeting of the nation's environment ministers this Friday, new polling has found 89 per cent of people support governments "taking more action to create a sustainable recycling industry". Sustainability is currently getting a stronger focus due to  a new Chinese embargo on waste imports. For more information, you can read the article below from The Age.


Attendance Updates

This week a letter has been sent home outlining changes to the recording of student attendance. The main changes are a legal requirement so please see our policy and a copy of the letter below.

In summary:

  • Parents/guardians need to ring the school prior to 8:50am notifying of a student absence and the reason (and if going to arrive after 9am).
  • If the school is not notified a reminder email will be sent by the school (this process to be finalised by our software company) and an emergency contact called if still no response.
  • A letter, with the reason, needs to be sent upon the child's return to school.
  • Families may be contacted if their child is absent without an outlined reason.
  • The changes are to be initiated from the beginning of 2018 to be finalised by the end of Term Two.


Simon Millar

(Principal of Galilee)