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Dads of Galilee Christmas Drinks

Year Level Reps 2018

Year Level Representatives play a vital role at Galilee. They ensure our school families are kept up to date with what is happening, create long lasting connections for our families and support the class teachers.

In 2018 our class parent representative roles will be slightly different. The two major changes are:

1. There will be year level representatives rather than parents assigned to their own child’s class. This is to further develop relationships across the year level.

2. Each year level in 2018 will have one Galilee Event that they are to take the lead on and the representatives for that year level will need to help coordinate parents in their year to run that event with the support of the Events Committee.

Below are the Year Level Representative Role and Responsibilities. Please take the time to consider volunteering for this important and rewarding role at Galilee in 2018. We aim to have all Year Level Reps in place before the end of the 2017 school year.


Please email Brighid Fahy or Holly Evans if you are interested in volunteering to take on this role in 2018 or if you have any further questions.

End of Year Family Liaison Report for 2017

From the end of 2016 until the end of 2017 Galilee has trialled a Family Liaison Volunteer Role.  This role was established as a volunteer position to support Galilee to ensure that families experiencing difficult times due to unforeseen circumstances; injury; illness; a bereavement; new families arriving to the school; and even celebrating the arrival of a new family member, would be reached out to by the school community. 


I asked to do this volunteer role this year and the feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive. 


So what does the role entail?  There have been many phone calls to new families to the school to welcome them.  Cards have been sent to families who suffered a bereavement, illness or serious injury.  Children with a big injury have been reached out to.  This year, two of our school families had unexpected serious illnesses and it was heartwarming to see parents reach out to these families and offer support in many ways including meals, help with their children and words of encouragement.  Excitingly there have also been 3 new babies born this year and these were all acknowledged with a bunch of flowers.


There is always room for improvement and there are families I have missed or did not know about that may have appreciated someone reaching out to them.   Thank you to all those who quietly let  me or the school know that there was a family in need. 


Finally, to finish the year on a positive note.  Earlier this year the Year 4 Class reps and the school reached out to Galilee families to support the Kumaran family as Vijay was very unwell.  We reported earlier this term that he has received the all clear.  The response from Galilee families was overwhelming and there was a significant sum of donated money left after the family no longer required meals.  The family has asked that this money be placed into an account at school for future families who may need support.  There is an account called GALHEART that is especially set up for school families in need and this is where the donations have been placed.


As always, please contact me if you know of a family who may need reaching out to or you can let the school know,


Jess Conway (

Dads and Children Camp

It was with much anticipation and excitement the Dads and Kids were about to embark on the Camp of 2017. 


The journey started with a drive to Queenscliff and in Mr Millar's case, a bike ride (he’s my hero). 

However, after taking his luggage in my car, there was minimal room for our gear as it seemed like he had his pet rock collection in toe.


Like well oiled machined the troops began to arrive and on time and well drilled. We allocated the dorms and the campsite was bubbling with energy and a few bleary eyed preppies!

The order of the days activities was sure to engage and motivate the kids over the course of the day. Canoeing, Mountain biking, Pizza Making ( with a difference) and beach play/boogie boarding was a recipe for “Awesomeness”


There were many highlights of the camp, and one that sprigs to mind that as Captain Andy McMahon alighted his canoe, failed to negotiate it and hit the deck prior to leaving the boat ramp. Pretty funny after assuring us he was an experienced paddler. Next there was the Steve Irwin moment, of James McGann ( Harrys Dad) reaching into the depths of Swan Bay ( All 1m of it) and wresting a Banjo Shark to the surface and playing show and tell and to the kids amazement, they were able to pat it.On the camp we were very privileged to have such a fantastic quality and diversity of knowledge amongst our Camp Wyuna Leader, one’s that ensured our kids walked away with a true experience. 


Across the course of the day, we were all witness to a spirited and united tribe, one that went with the flow and most of all showed a real sense of community amongst the DADs. Back at the camp, there was always so much to do, about nothing! Camp activities such as Dodgeball, volleyball, wall climbing or simply chillin' in the ZEN Garden.

There was plenty happening. Once again the food on Camp was fantastic, and the soggy toast and vegemite was a distant memory in my child hood, but the fact that some of kids wanted Ice-cream and brownies before chicken Schnitzel was a worry. The Pizza making  was a learning experience with a twist, it involved foraging for bush tucker and indigenous insights, delivered by Ellie our amazing Camp Leader.  It also gave us the ability  to fuel up the kids on Margarita, Cannelloni, or with the LOT ( all created by them), before each activity and as it was challenging to go from canoeing to mountain biking, to boogie boarding, it was also noticeable how resilient our kids are and their “give it a go” attitude is high on the list.

As the day ended on the beach with a game of beach cricket, swimming and just hanging out, it was almost like an endless summer, and many had lost track of time and not concerned when their next meal will come. 

Upon returning to the campsite, it was time for a cool drink and shower up for dinner. Post dinner would set yet another highlight of the trip, the KIDS water fight, however as the size of the buckets increased the possibility of getting g wet was pretty high. As one of the dads relayed photos back to the awaiting mothers, a response of concern and anarchy was relayed via text. Fortunately no casualties on camp and a total use of 4 bandaids was a credible benchmark of how well the DADS and kids socialised and abided by the OH and S guidelines. 

As it became time for the Bonfire to be lit, there was much excitement surrounding the toasting of marshmallows, and the ability to consume as many as possible. Of course this may entail the ability to keep some children up well past their bedtime, to dilute the sugar levels in their systems, however some of the DADS also partake in this process, as the Kum-by-ya around the campfire involved many renditions of songs past and present..

Some of which were recognisable, and others which took a somewhat more unplugged approach. As the night was still a babe, some acoustic tunes rang out across Queencliff and one that springs to mind is a roaring rendition of Pearl Jams, Better Man, sung by one of our dads, who is truly talented. 


Sunday morning, was somewhat more subdued and as we eased into the morning, we had Dads and kids taking an early morning dip over the sand dune, in the refreshing waters of Queenscliff.

The agenda of today was beach, beach and more beach as we had seriously lucked out on the weather, having 26 degree days. The Rockpools are always a feature and yet again did not disappoint. 

We set off with cricket bats under our arms to once more emulate the actions and performances of our heroes in beach cricket. 

As  the mention of Fish and Chips began to salivate the appetite, it seemed fitting that our camp would make its final journey to the townships of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff, to sample the local delights.

It was  great to see many of the DADs and KIDS wearing their DOGs attire upon arrival and on Camp. It really is a great  way for there DOGS to show their support  as a school community group being proud and part of a collective, a tribe that makes a difference. 


Once again I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the camp, from the front office to all those all those DADS and Kids who came. It really is a great tradition we have started and we look forward to many more in the future. 

Woof, Woof THE DOGS

Middle Park Library Redesign

"A library, in every dictionary I've ever looked up, is a collection of books." James Woollett


The Local  Council have voted to endorse the plan to refocus the Middle Park Library as a creative and collaborative learning environment. Please have your say by clicking on the link below. There has been no consultation with the local community about the removal of books. Please make sure you have your say. 

Galilee Aftercare 

GaliGlee Choir


The choir's last performance this year will  feature at the Carol's Picnic this coming Wednesday 6th December from 5pm in the  School Grounds.

Please be there before 5pm to start promptly. Costumes and/or festive dress is encouraged and most welcome. Please let Anita Paul, Galilee Singing Teacher, know if you cannot attend it to perform. Contact email:


All of our community is welcome!


Many thanks,



Social and Fundraising Committee Report

Christmas Carols

The final Committee run event for Galilee is the Christmas Carol Picnic on Wednesday 6 December from 5-7pm.  This is a wonderful night for all our school families and we encourage everyone to come along - see the poster for all the details. 

We do however need volunteers for the evening and you can sign up through the link on Caremonkey or please use this link:


Trivia Night Survey

The committee sent out a surveymonkey asking for feedback about the Trivia Night in preparation for 2018.  This survey closes tomorrow, December 1st.  If you would  like to participate please do so here:


Thank You Sally

The Committee would like to extend a huge thank you to Sally who has been our Chair these past two years.  Sally has taken the Committee in a new direction with a focus on bringing back the community spirit of Galilee by having social events that are inclusive.  Whilst fundraising is an important part of what we do, it is now focussed into the Annual Trivia Night.  Sally’s enthusiasm and passion for the school has been insurmountable and we couldn’t have achieved half of what we have without her.  Thank you!


Sally will remain on the committee in a supporting role and we congratulate Annalise on her appointment to the role of Chair in 2018.  We also thank Olivia for all her hard work as Secretary this year and thank Emma for taking over this role in 2018.  Please remember to follow the Galilee Events Facebook page if you haven’t already had a chance:


Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School Social & Fundraising Chair Report 2017

What a fantastic few years at Galilee for our social and fundraising committee.


I am really proud of what we have achieved from a fundraising point of view as well as bringing our school community closer together.


The decision to have an inaugural Trivia night over 3 years ago has meant that we have concentrated our fundraising efforts to one major event. We have also had great success with our Welcome BBQ, Easter Raffle, Mother’s Day and Christmas carol nights and the introduction of food trucks has made the running of the nights more enjoyable, requiring less volunteer help and time.


Many hands make light work, and it goes without saying that it is a team effort and our ability to work well together has created the success we have enjoyed.


The setting up of our Facebook page, the enormous donations effort, increases in event attendance and greater staff and family communications, has been a direct result of this groups contribution.


I truly believe that in time we will get more and more involvement and interest from new parents. Ultimately, we are volunteering time, effort, expertise for our kids to enjoy some additional funds towards equipment and facilities, as well as having a bit of fun along the way!


I wish the 2018 group and leadership team great success and thank you for your support and friendship.



And finally - A huge thank you to Sandie!

As many of you will know, Sandie was a past parent at Galilee.  She has owned Store 6 at the South Melbourne Market for almost 24 years and although she hasn’t had a child at Galilee for some time, has continued to support the school each year.  Store 6 provided the delicious scones for our Mother’s Day morning and afternoon teas, catered our Trivia Night and provided us with staff for service.  There have been cakes, slices and pastries galore for school events and the list goes on. 


Sandie, we cannot thank you enough for all your generosity, support and guidance over these years and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.  A small token of our appreciation was presented to Sandie on Wednesday from the Social and Fundraising Committee to say thank you.