Leadership and Management

School Closure Day

Tomorrow, 1st December, will be a whole school closure day.  The staff will be working with Southern Region representatives from Catholic Education Melbourne, to reflect on the School Review Report this year.  We will be identifying school-wide goals for the next four years, and creating our School Improvement Plan in line with The Catholic School Vision.


The Catholic School Vision developed by the school community provides the motivating force for all school improvement planning within Galilee. There are five interdependent spheres of schooling: Education in Faith, Learning and Teaching, Student Wellbeing, School Community, and Leadership and Management. The extent to which students are able to achieve their potential in terms of learning outcomes is partly dependent upon the capacity of the school to provide optimal learning environments across these five spheres of schooling.


We thank Maree Holmes, Madeleine Kelly, Andrea Kershaw and Marg Waldek for planning the day and working with us to improve learning opportunities for our students.

End of Year Reports

As you will already be aware the Student Reports that will be published at the end of the year will have a new look. We have changed the structure and design of the Student Reports with an aim to give parents more information about their child's achievements. The picture below shows you an example of a page from the new student report. The page being shown is a page on Mathematics. Religious Education, English, STEAM - The Arts, STEAM - Health, Physical Education, Information and Communications Technology, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and LOTE - Italian will also be included in all student reports.