Performing Arts 

Narelle Vella


​Performing Arts Coordinator

Students in Years 3 - 6 will be showcasing their talents in singing and dance at the Senior School Concert on Monday 26th August and Tuesday 27th August, 6.30pm - 8.00pm.

The theme is 'Music Idols' and students will be singing and dancing to a medley of hits from various music artists. Miss Emma Louise Costabile will be teaching the choreography at twice weekly dance lessons, commencing at the start of Term 3. Students will begin learning their singing parts from the middle of Term 2. Two classes will be performing together, the music of each artist and have been allocated as follows:

3D & 3F - The Beatles

3H & 3S - Stevie Wonder

4A & 4T - Michael Jackson

4C & 4S - P!nk

5R & 5S - Prince

5C & 6W - Queen

6B & 6S - Beyoncé


The Senior Choir will be performing the concert finale which will feature a medley of Australian music Idols.

If there are any past members of the Senior Choir or new members who would like to participate in the finale, they are very welcome to join for Terms 2 and 3. Please see Mrs Vella on Tuesday at lunchtime if you are interested. Finale rehearsals will commence on May 14th.