7 - 9 News 

Tracy Peters

Welcome back to term 4! It is great to finally have all our students back on site this week and see all the growth spurts that took place while we were remote learning.


Our focus for this term is to assess where students are currently placed with their learning in English and Maths and build on this. We know some students will have gaps in their learning and others will have thrived, so we would like to build on this. Our goal is to teach them at their point of need so that they are achieving success every day.


We will also have a strong focus on rebuilding connections with students and supporting them with their transition into 2021. It is important to us that students transition positively into 2021 and they feel positive about returning to school with a growth mind set.


Our students moving into Year 7 in 2021, have now selected their chosen language so we can now move forward with our planning to create Homerooms.  We are also developing our transition program to support students move from Primary to Secondary school. Further information about this will be shared with families shortly.


Our current Year 7s and 8s have also selected their Subjects for 2021.  The leadership team are working on this enormous task to place students into classes. Once this task has been completed, elective charges will be placed on COMPASS. Payment must be finalized by the 28th of January in order to participate in their chosen classes otherwise we will need to course counsel students into other classes.


With the announcement this week from Dan Andrews in relation to Graduations being able to go ahead, we can now start preparing our Year 9 graduation. It will look a little different this year due to the restrictions that are in place, but we will make it as amazing as possible and ensure we give our students the send off they deserve.



Tracy Peters

7-9 Sub School Principal