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From the Principal...

The pace has certainly kicked in as we race to the end of the school year. Now that the students are back onsite, I am very aware that staff are focused on assessing students, writing reports and preparing class groupings for next year. I am eternally grateful for their knowledge and insight in to what best meets the needs of the students in our care. The process of creating new grades is carefully managed and often time consuming. The school considers both academic requirements, as well as social and emotional developmental needs. Teaching teams are created based on a spread of experience levels, skills and strengths across the staff. In 2021, we will welcome a number of new staff members to Ormond PS. This includes a brand new STEAM teacher to work in our fabulous innovative learning space. Recruiting processes are well under way and I thank all staff who have contributed to selection panels over the last few weeks.


If you have any particular concerns about your child’s placement in 2021 due to individual issues, in terms of social, emotional or academic needs, please email the office or Kerri McLeod direct by Friday November 27th.


Building and Grounds

This year has allowed the school time and space to complete maintenance projects across the school. From painting the portables, to new sand and tan bark in the yard, to clearing the garden beds in preparation for students to commence planting outside the STEAM room. The school is now focused on our synthetic turf areas and planning ahead for repairs and restoration. Monies raised through our Grounds & Maintenance Donation Fund will help go towards this significant project. 

Our maintenance man, Gerry has continued to work both indoors and outdoors to ensure our school is safe and orderly and has done a fantastic job cleaning out and around the sandpit area to which we thank him immensely as this was not an easy task. 

The STEAM furniture has arrived and the students are eager to visit this dynamic space.


Curriculum Day - Friday 11th December

Just a friendly reminder that we are holding a Curriculum Day on Friday 11th December for 2021 planning and preparation. Out of School Hours Care is available on this day for those families in need.


Tutoring in 2021

Every school has been allocated additional funding for tutoring next year to ensure students can catch up on any lost learning during the pandemic. The Department of Education and Training will provide schools with guidance on a range of implementation models based on best practice and evidence-informed strategies to support student learning. A register of prospective tutors will be maintained by the Department. Over 16,000 prospective tutors have currently registered their interest. Even with the very best efforts of our teachers this year, there will be some students who have not been able to engage as fully in the remote learning program as they would have been able to in the usual classroom teaching program. This is likely to include students at all ability and achievement levels. Schools will be supported to identify which students should be provided targeted intervention in 2021. I will communicate more about this initiative in follow-up newsletters.


2021 – Planning & Transition

The school leadership team will be completing a 2020 self-evaluation which links in well with our assessment of our annual implementation plan for the school and how well we have addressed targets and goals. The school is in a stable position for 2021 with roughly 48 Foundation students commencing in the New Year. 


It was wonderful to see the first transition group come onsite this week to meet the staff and each other in the current Foundation rooms. Groups of ten will continue to participate in transition activities over the next few weeks. This will lead in to whole school transition activities which includes a step up to the new level, meeting the teaching team and finally meeting their own home group teacher. It is very important after such a challenging year that we allow all students opportunities to understand and be excited about 2021. This includes providing them with detailed insight in to activities to look forward to, special events and familiarise them with new learning spaces. Successful transition and settling students in to new classes and teachers is paramount for the school. We have a very strong values, wellbeing and mindfulness focus across the school which will have a huge impact on transitioning students to new levels.


As a smaller school in the Ormond community we have an advantage of students knowing and connecting with staff prior to working with them. Yard duty, first aid, camps, excursions, sporting and fundraising events are where students from across the school connect with all staff. 


My teaching team and support staff are very excited about the journey ahead. Student voice and agency will continue to be encouraged as a way of building school pride and connectedness.


Enrolments 2021  

Families with school aged children yet to enrol at Ormond PS for 2021, are asked to please contact the school office as soon as possible to arrange enrolment. This will ensure their participation in any future transition sessions. 


As the number of children attending the school is crucial in our planning, urgent notice of student transfers and exits is also important. This determines our ability to staff our school and plan for the required number of classes. 

If you have any plans to relocate from our area and/or enrol your children at another school, please email the office as soon as possible. 

 **This is not necessary for departing Year 6 students **


School Payments

2021 School Payment went live on Compass this week. 

Please ensure you contact the office if you have any technical issues, particularly concerning allocation of family credits or financial assistance such as CSEF.


Outstanding Absences

End of year student reports are currently being complied by teachers, and a part of the reports is student attendance. So that the most accurate data can be uploaded into your child's Semester 2 Reports, could all parents please ensure that they approve and process any outstanding absences for their child on Compass by Friday 4th December 2020. If you have any issues regarding Compass please contact the office. 


Kerri McLeod,



2021 School Payments

2021 Parent Payments are now open for processing on Compass. If you wish to purchase books through the school payment is due by Friday 4th December 2020. Students will not be supplied with books unless payment has been made.


It is the school’s preference that all payments are made via the Compass Parent Portal. Parents/Carers must also complete the annual Permissions and Agreements for 2021 at the same time.  Compass accepts Debit and Credit cards. 

Important Information For Using Family Credit

  • All families that have a credit with us, will have received an email in the last few weeks with their specific amounts.
  • As you proceed through this process, you will be asked a series of questions before reaching the payment section.
  • Please answer these questions using the guides, so we know what your intentions are of how you wish to allocate your credit.
  • Before you finish processing the payment (or payment plans) please ensure you deduct the credit amount you wish to allocate per item.
  • Please contact the office if you have any queries before you complete the payments.

Cash and/or cheques are no longer accepted. 


All donations can be be made via Compass. 

Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductable a separate tax receipt will be issued. 

Out of School Hours

Curriculum Day

The program will be open for the curriculum day on Friday 11th December.

 Please text your booking 0439 111 026 or call the program during session times on (03) 9578 5826. All bookings must be received by Monday 7th December 2020.

  • Hours -  8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Cost   -   $60.00 per child

Pupil Free Day Care Requirements:  

  • Children are not required to wear their school uniform.
  • Children need to bring lunch, morning & afternoon tea.


Out of School Hours Enrolment 2021

All families requiring Before & After School Care or Vacation Care for 2021 must submit an enrolment form to the school office by Wednesday 9th December 2020.


Any new families to the program must include their child's immunisation certificate with their enrolment form.



January School Holiday Program 2021

The January School Holiday Program schedule is available on compass or below. 

Program Bookings must be received with a 2021 enrolment form and submitted to the school office by Wednesday 9th December.


Library News - Scholastic Book Club


The final Book club for the year has been sent home, orders close Friday 28th November 

All orders are now back to being delivered to the school unless stated by parents when ordering.


If orders are for Christmas presents and you do not wish for them to be sent home with the children please inform the office at

Foundation News

In Foundation we have been learning all about nonfiction texts. The children have been looking for a contents page, index, tables, labels and other features of nonfiction texts.



Year 1 News

We have begun revising previously taught topics. This week we focused on time. Students enjoyed a range of hands on differentiated activities to read and write time. Next week we will revise multiplication as repeated addition, arrays and 'groups of' e.g. 3x4 as 4+4+4, 3 rows of 4 and 3 groups of 4. 


Year 1students wrote book reviews on their favourite CBCA shortlisted Book Week book”.


Year 2 News

Over the past two weeks the Year 2s have been planning, drafting, editing and publishing their narratives. They had great fun sharing their narratives with other students from within their class or from the other class. Please ask your child about the narrative they wrote. 


Year 3 News 

This term in Science, the Year 3s are looking at the Earth, Moon and Sun. As part of their learning, the students have been tasked with keeping a journal of the phases of the moon for the month of November. They need to make observations of the moon each evening and draw what they see using ‘My Moon Journal’. The students have really enjoyed tracking the moons changes each evening and reporting their findings each morning in class. 


Year 4 News

The Year 4 students have collected inspiration from viewing a range of 'Rube Goldberg' machines and after sketching initial solutions to the ‘longest marble in motion’ challenge, the students soon moved to the build phase. It has been great to see the students applying their creative and problem-solving skills to first trial, then lock in design choices. Teamwork capabilities in listening, sharing and negotiation are being revisited and regularly called upon. There are only a couple of weeks to go until timing day, which is very exciting.


Year 5 News

On Thursday 5th November the Year 5 students presented their leadership speeches on the stage in the hall. We had over 50 students going for a leadership position for Year 6. 

All Year 5 students voted on who they believed would be a great leader for our school. They all spoke proudly and confidently impressing their audience. From there we shortlisted ten students and they presented their school captain speech to the Year 4 & 6 students as well as teachers and support staff. 

Well done to Clea C, Evie H, Clementine H, Ruby J-A, Sophie L, Georgia W, Adam A, Hamish M and Morgan N for speaking in front of over 200 people! More announcements will be coming later in the term about the leadership positions for 2021!



Year 5 continue to have House Sport every Friday. Currently Hollows is on top of the ladder, well done Sophie A, Ashwyn, Clea, Kynan, Misha, Sam, Clementine, Stefan, Kevin, Luca, Laiyla, Jack M, Rebekah, Briley and Ethan! The sports played have included Tee Ball, Rounders, Hot Shots Tennis and Cricket. 


Year 6 News

During Science this fortnight, students have been required to plan and conduct an investigation of the function of switches in an electric circuit. 



Visual Arts News

Alongside our Visual Arts sessions of symmetry, weaving, collage, painting, symography and artist studies, students have been very busy completing their designs for the Nick Staikos Christmas Card Competition!  With so many entries, it will be a difficult task for the state member of Bentleigh to select which students from Ormond Primary School will receive a prize and gift pack of Christmas cards with their design on the front.  Here are some photos of just some of the amazing entries that have been completed.  

Well done Ormond Artists!



Students Vs Teachers

Today we had our fourth match of Teachers versus Year 6 students. Round four’s sport was Tee-Ball. The teachers were first in to bat. There were some big hits from the teachers and a couple of cheeky run outs. Students went in to bat next and were playing well. Angus C hit one out of the park (which ended in our neighbour’s yard), thankfully our lovely neighbour returned the ball so play could continue.


The final score for today was   Teachers – 12          Students – 6


We are all looking forward to next week! Here is a photo of the teachers celebrating their third win.



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