Principal's Message

(Heads, Hearts & Hands)

Liam Buckley

St Joseph's Feast Day


St Joseph's Feast Day was celebrated in style on Friday! We began our day at Mass with Father Dean who reminded us that St Joseph was a quiet, yet strong and courageous figure. He is a great role model for everyone in his dedication and love for Jesus and Mary. We marked the day with a simple cross for all the students and staff...


We then spent a wonderful time down at the beach where we had our COLOUR RUN ! The students (and parents) had a ball and we are so grateful for all the parent help and support on the day. So far we have raised approx $2,500 and the children can go online and claim their prizes.  We walked back to school and had a pizza lunch and an icy pole! Thank you again to all the support from parents and friends. More fun this Friday with another P&F sausage sizzle at school pick up time.


Junior Joeys

We are back!! 

We are inviting parents and pre-schoolers to visit St Joseph's on Wednesday afternoons on the following dates between 2.30pm - 3.30pm: 

Please let friends and neighbours know if they are looking for a school for 2023.

It's an informal and fun way to visit St Joseph's and meet some staff and children. 

                               Junior Joeys

Wednesday March 23rd 

                     More to come in Term 2

Welcome to Danny and Toby who have joined St Joseph's today. The boys have recently relocated and have made a great start in their new classes. 

Please check your Operoo's for school related information.


Tennis has returned to our mornings:

link here if you are interested. 


School Sport Victoria (SSV)


If you believe your child is outstanding in a particular sport, check out the SSV website for the sports that they host trials for. Students need to be a high stand to be considered and please consult with me (Liam) before applying directly to SSV. 

Save the date:

Sausage Sizzle FRIDAY 25th
Athletics CarnivalMay 4th (TBC)
Term end April 8th 1pm
Term 2 startApril 26th (Tues)
School photos April 27th 

Other dates:

School Closure dates (non student days)  : 
June 20th 2022 (Monday last week of Term 2)
October 28th (Friday before Melb Cup weekend)
Nov 1st (Melbourne Cup Day) 

Dads' Drinks

'Hey St Joe's gents. It's on like Donkey Kong!!! And by "on" we mean we're due for our initial St Joe's Dad's Drinks for 2022. The plan is to gather from 7pm on Friday 25 March at the Black Rock Yacht Club. This will be our usual, very informal session, so please come along for a relaxed chat, a few drinks, and a catch-up with some of the current and past menfolk from St Joe's. Hope to see you there. 

Contact Ian Jones + Nick Harber + Sam Mannix + Paul Davys if you have any questions.' 



May 11th 

(10am after parish Mass)

First Communion


20th July 6pm 



August 19th 5.30pm 





Check out the website for bookings if you are interested.




Unexplained Absentee from school.


A review of the Attendance Guidelines for schools was undertaken by the Victorian Minister for Education in Term 4 2017.


The Attendance Guidelines now state: ‘schools must advise parents/guardians of unexplained absences, on the same day, as soon as practicable.’


These Attendance/ Notification changes will help ensure the safety of school-aged children during school hours and schools are supported in their duty-of-care obligations.




If a parent does not contact the school to provide an explanation on the day of the student absence, the school must attempt to contact the parent (for example by telephone) of the student as soon as practicable on the sameday. If an explanation is received, the 

accurate cause of the absence must be recorded.


Schools must advise parents promptly of unexplained absences. Schools should take care to notify the parent who is responsible for ensuring the child's attendance on that particular day. If, upon being notified of their child's absence or contacted to seek an explanation, a parent reports that the child was not living with them on that day, the school should- ensure they notify another parent who was responsible for ensuring the child attended school on the relevant day(s).


If contact cannot be made with the parent, the school should attempt to make contact with any emergency contact/s nominated on the student's file held by the school.

If, following contact, the student’s safety has been established, but no explanation has been provided within 10 school days, the absence should be recorded as an unexplained absence and also be noted in the student's file.


St Joseph’s process will be:

  1. Phone calls and emails received before 9am will be noted.
  2. Cathy Wells (Administration Officer) will check all class rolls at 10am and note any absentees that have no explanation from parents.
  3. Cathy will then ring each family to ask for an explanation of their child/ren’s absentee. Cathy will ring the first contract for the student/s, if no response then the second and so on until she gets in contact with a parent or emergency contact and receives an explanation.



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