Year 7

Maths lesson in Howard Springs

Year 7 Reflections


Home Learning


Well let’s start off with home learning. I found it the same as last year when I had to do home learning for a term. But I found it hard doing Year 7 work. Sophie, Serena and Mitch came down to read with me. Then Adam came down with a special milkshake and a chat about learning. 


There was good news about the class in Howard Springs being let out early.  Miss Christine and Ruth came down for the laptop and a nice walk around Nowa Nowa, Gippsland.



The holidays were early and the first thing I did was sleep in. Then we would go up to the cattle and feed out. Most of the time I would be with aunty Trish. We travelled to Traralgon to pick up my cousins from Geelong for the holidays.


The 4 of July was the first day of NAIDOC (National Aborigional Islander Day Observance Committee) So there were SEGWAYS and many more things to celebrate in Gippsland.


So that was how my weeks were spent while I was at home doing home learning.

By Lailani Bransden


My Birthday


When we went into quarantine for the end of Term 2 I was thinking I would be spending my birthday in quarantine but I was wrong. One night our teachers gathered us together to tell us the news we were being released early. When we heard it we were all jumping with joy. 


Not only were we going out of quarantine early but I would be able to spend my birthday with my favourite people, my family. On my birthday my mum told me that she decided to get a puppy, that made me even happier.


When it was time to get our puppy we brought it around to my Aunties and we started to think the dog was deaf, it wasn’t replying to anything we could bang pots and it still wouldn’t reply. When we drove out to Jabiru we introduced him to our dogs and slowly by slowly he would reply so our new puppy isn’t deaf! 

By Keira Manning


Howard Springs Learning Reflection

Since Covid had affected us so much last Term, us kids from Darwin had to fly up to the NT. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to spend our holidays with our family. And the only way to do so was going into Howard Springs Quarantine facility and quarantine for 2 weeks! So we left Melbourne early for Howard Springs while the VIC kids went home and did school from home, as we did school in Howard Springs.



A reflection of mine would have to be when ABC news found out we were in Howard Springs doing online school work and told us they would like to put us on their channel. I was one of the kids chosen to answer a few questions and I was the main star of the article. 



I remember my Principal Brad asking to do a photo to send to the news agency and it ended up being in the article. I also ended up on the news! I was very awkward though, because it was shame looking at the camera so the whole time I looked away! 


We had only thought it would spread throughout NT, but we were VERY wrong. It spread throughout the whole of Australia and heaps of people saw it. So afterwards my family in WA had called and told me they saw me on TV! I was surprised they had called to tell me because my family in WA are WAY older than me, as I am a child and they all are already adults! 


Now, whenever I search my name on Google, my picture we took in Howard Springs, which was on the article, is the first picture to come up!

By Tenielle McGuire