Captain's Corner

Tenielle (Term 2), Keira (Term 3), Waylon (Term 3) and Jyan (Term 2) 


In my opinion being a captain is taking responsibility and when I became the captain with Keira, I felt nervous because I thought my speech was kinda dodgy. When I heard my name get mentioned, it’s like my heart skipped a beat and I said this to myself: Oh my gosh my parents would be so proud of me.



I predict when lockdown finishes me and Keira are going to have a fantastic little term by talking to the business people in Melbourne, joining meetings and stand in front of the whole assembly without being shy.


To me being a captain means a lot to because we get to represent our school, culture, friends, family and my classmates. I also like to share 3 things about being a captain: being resilient, responsible and respecting stuff that I learn from my teachers, friends, the big boss, family, volunteers and visitors that take me anywhere.

By Waylon Huddleston

Term 3 Captain



When we were at assembly and I found out I was going to be school captain for Term 3 I was shocked, happy and excited. Being school captain is a great opportunity and it gives students a chance to get out of their comfort zone. 



So far KGI have asked us to be in a video and wish everyone to stay safe and look after each other during this time in lockdown. Term 3 is definitely a challenge for everyone because we can’t go on the snow trip we were hoping for and we can’t go out and do activities during the weekend which leaves everyone with a lot of energy, but thankfully we have amazing staff at the boarding house who try their best to get us out and doing exercise.  


As captain I hope to be able to speak at the gala dinner later in the year. 

By Keira Manning

Term 3 Captain