Participation in Ensembles

Instrumental students are required to participate in a minimum of one ensemble. There is no additional cost.


Ensembles are a core part of the program, and involvement in these further helps to develop a student’s ability to apply music skills learned in lessons, develops their social learning, reading and literacy. Students have opportunity to be part of the MSJ community through performances and events, amongst many other benefits. 


In Term One, your student’s instrumental teacher will advise which ensembles are appropriate for your child. The ensemble time may be at a lunch time or before/after school hours. 

MSJ Voices

MSJ Voices is a vocal ensemble (choir) for those who have a passion for music and singing, and want to further develop their vocal and music abilities! Non-musicians are also encouraged to be a part of MSJ Voices to develop an understanding for music and get to know other young vocalists in the school. 


MSJ Voices teaches students how to read music including understanding rhythm, melody, harmony and vocal technique. Singers will also learn how to sing in a group amongst numerous other young and keen vocalists! In addition, there are opportunities for solos, where students will receive coaching from either Vocal Coach Emilie Washington or Collaborative Artist Catherine Hills, co-directors of the ensemble. MSJ Voices is always open to new vocalists to join our fun, engaging and supportive environment, even if they have never sung before! 



"Feed The Birds" from the stage & screen production of Mary Poppins.


Guitar Ensemble

All guitar students are encouraged to join the the guitar ensemble. Learning how to perform with other musicians is an important skill for all members. The guitar ensemble rehearse each week. Throughout the year the ensemble will have many performance opportunities. 

Vox Pop

Vox Pop is a dynamic vocal group open to students from Year 7 to Year 9 at Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College. We rehearse weekly for an hour and learn fundamental ensemble-singing skills such as singing in harmony, sight-singing, and reading sheet music. We sing predominantly pop/contemporary music with some older music thrown in! Our focus is joy, fun, connection, and collaboration.

Tub Thumpers


Tub Thumpers is the College percussion ensemble. We welcome everyone, we are flexible in instrumentation and skill level. We mostly work on our own compositions and improvisations, so expect to make up your ideas on different instruments in each rehearsal. We are a new ensemble and are looking for new members, so if making sounds by hitting things sounds like something you'd enjoy, come along on Wedneday after school and thumb some tubs!

String Ensembles

The College has two String Ensembles, Junior and Senior. These are  rehearsed during lunchtimes at school, in preparation for various concerts  during the year. The concerts include soirees, Open Days and Music Night. 


The Junior Ensemble consists of Year 7 students and those just beginning a  stringed instrument. As the year goes on, the members from this group then  merge with the Senior Ensemble, consisting of players who have been learning  or a year or more.  


The String Ensembles sometimes join with the Woodwind, brass, keyboard, guitar, vocal or percussion students to perform in Mass services and other  performances at school.

Jazz Cats


Jazz Cats is an intermediate to senior ensemble featuring woodwind, brass, and rhythm section. The group focuses on jazz and contemporary repertoire in a range of styles. This group develops ensemble skills, musicianship and creativity as students prepare for performances throughout the year. Jazz Cats have the opportunity to perform at different school events and for the wider community. They rehearse weekly at lunchtimes in OB7.