Prep-Year 10 Cross Country

By Teaghen Taylor

It was a fantastic day for our college community. As the P-10 students participated in our Cross Country event. There was excellent participation all around and great sportsmanship shown by all students. 

We loved having parents and friends involved to support and cheer on our students. 


Well done to all our place getters:

Prep- Year 2

Prep Girls:

1st Mahleea Peters

2nd Abby Gill

3rd Lacey Northausen 


Prep Boys: 

1st Zavia Jones

2nd Jaxon McKenner

3rd Kian Moulsdale


Grade 1 Girls:

1st Alissa Yarygin 

2nd Ivy Curling

3rd Isla Coombs 


Grade 1 Boys: 

1st Max Mclay

2nd Chase Baumann 

3rd Levi Old


Grade 2 Girls:

1st Tilly Duckworth

2nd Emily Berner

3rd Hadassah Greely


Grade 2 Boys: 

1st Cooper Thomson

2nd Dyson Jones

3rd Levi Cleveland

Grade 3-6

Grade 3 Boys: 

1st Eli Coombs

2nd Oscar Andison

3rd Jackson Collins 


Grade 3 Girls

1st Ashala Rodgers

2nd Indigo Busch

3rd Addison Howard 


Grade 4 Boys: 

1st Judah Greely

2nd Aiden Drew

3rd Flynn Warde 


Grade 4 Girls: 

1st Indi Baumann

2nd Mia Thomson

3rd Marley Vernon 


Grade 5 Girls

1st Zanna Chapman

2nd Nataliah Miller

3rd Taylor Snelling 


Grade 5 Boys: 

1st Wyatt Mulcahy

2nd Cooper Grinter

3rd Hunter Gebbie 


Grade 6 Girls:

1st Holly McNeil

2nd Tayla Starling 

3rd Phoenix O’Brien


Grade 6 Boys: 

1st Seb Greely

2nd Curtis Wickham 

3rd Rhys Parsons


Year 7/8

Year 7 Boys: 

1st Cooper Rodriquez

2nd Kade Drew

3rd Jack Forde 


Year 7 Girls: 

1st Sophie McDonald

2nd Madison Saunders

3rd Alissa Braithwaite 


Year 8 Boys:

1st Jaxon Neely

2nd Rhyse Lingard

3rd Josh Dingey


Year 8 Girls

1st Brooke O’Shannassy

2nd Lana Gill


Year 9

Year 9 Girls:

1st Mikayla Kuiper 


Year 10

Year 10 Boys: 

1st Isaiah Scoble

2nd David Panawidan