Bus Travellers

Important Bus Information


School bus services are provided under contract to Public Transport Victoria/Department of Transport (PTV/DOT), and bus operators are obliged to comply with Department of Education’s ‘School bus Program Policies and Procedures’ January 2016.

It provides that: “Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting their children to and from designated bus stops and for their safety at the bus stop while waiting for the bus” (P21).  This is also on your student application form for permission to travel.

From here on the following procedures will be followed:

If parents of children of a primary school age, are not going to be at a designated bus stop to pick up their children at the end of the day, the parent needs to approach the principal/bus co-ordinator of Numurkah Secondary College, who can, after a discussion with the parents, discuss with the relevant DOT regional representative and the bus operator what the situation will be for that child.

If it is agreed that even though a parent is not there to pick up the child at the bus stop at the end of the day, the child is free to alight from the bus, that needs to be put in writing by the principal/school bus coordinator (Numurkah Secondary College), and provided to the bus operator.  The bus operator can then inform the driver.

In the event that there is no prior permission by the parent to the co-ordinating school, Numurkah Secondary College, the bus driver can try and contact the parent.  If no contact is made, the child will remain on the bus, and the driver may try the parent at the next stop etc. 

If the owner/driver has not been able to contact any of the parties prior to the last stop on the route, they should take the student back to the school (Numurkah Secondary College) and speak to the principal/school bus coordinator about the circumstances.  If no-one is at the school, they should be taken to the police station until arrangements can be made by the parent to collect them.


Thanks in advance,

Numurkah Secondary College, 

School Bus Co-Ordination Team