Class Page -5/6S

Students in 5/6S were asked to write about what is happening in their class or about their holidays. Here are their responses -


Athletics with Adam

Adam from the Sporting Schools Program is finally coming back to Numurkah Primary School, hopefully in Week 3 of Term 3. We can’t wait to see him again and to hear about and participate in all his new activities. 

We all loved the activity last year where we had to flip the cones and the other team had to flip them over again. So I think that we are all excited to see Adam again and hear about how he has been. 

Comments by Jordan, Jacinta, Jazzy and Ella


Newsletter-Sport/Winter Sports

This term in sport, we are still training as normal for winter sports, but at this time we don’t think the Lightning Premiership will be happening. 

Instead we will be setting up a little competition for each of the three sports, which are netball, softball and football. The teams will be split in two so that we can play against each other.

It’s pretty simple. Two teams play a number of games against each other and the winning team will get a prize. We could be repeating this a couple of times because there are a lot of matches we are missing this year because of the changes made due to the COVID-19 situation. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t come up here!

Written by Charlie Hodge     


Favourite Holiday Activities

Our favourite holiday activities are… dodgeball, bowling, reading, running, shopping, library, writing, music, Minecraft, craft, colouring and YouTube. These are our favourite holiday activities because they are very relaxing. You can take a walk to the library and sit down and read a book or stay home and watch YouTube or play Minecraft. These are the reasons that we like all of these holiday activities. You should try some of these holiday activities because they are really fun.

Comments by Chloe, Cadence and Holly


English and Maths Extension Sessions

During class time there have been some students going into Room 7 to do some English and maths extension activities. I have been attending all of these sessions and enjoying them to a large extent. 

During English extensions we have been writing about current events using brilliant, descriptive in-depth vocabulary. We have also been reading out information cards and discussing the answers to the questions at the end. 

During maths extension we have been going to the deepest depths and exploring the wonderful world of maths. We have been adding fractions with different denominators and numerators, comparing and learning strategies to do all sorts of different things. We have been doing lots of division and addition. I have enjoyed all of these groups and can’t wait for future gatherings.

Comments by Baelan


Favourite Holiday Activities

Over the holidays I stayed at Jade’s house for a week. We went to Shepparton and had a girls’ day out; we liked clothes shopping for warm fluffy clothes for winter. We went to a thickshake shop and got a thickshake each, it was delicious. 

On the way home, we stopped by at McDonald’s for lunch and got chips, nuggets and a drink. We were so happy when we got home we enjoyed every bit of the day.

Comments by Monique


Positive activities students are doing at snack and lunch play

At snack and lunch, students are actively doing positive games such as Long Base and Gaga. 

They have been cooperating with each other and working as a team, making fair rules. 

There have been some netball scratch matches. The softball and football teams have been cooperating with each other and have been working as team and encouraging each other. 

Everyone has been cooperating with each other and they have not yelled at each other.

Comments by Hunter and Tommi 


PE and Sport Activities 

This term we have been doing plenty of sports and PE, in sports we have been doing: Netball, Softball and Football.

Netball, in my opinion, is ok; it’s not the sport I would choose to do, I would normally do swimming, but it’s ok. In PE we have free choice, when it’s free choice I grab a downball and throw to another person.

Others would either play a half court of netball, kicking goals and shooting hoops on the netball/basketball court or play Gaga ball.

Comments by Jade


PE Activities


Different Types of Sport:


Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Swimming



Baseball/ Softball


Ice skating






Ideas by Patrick and Joshua

News Report

At school during the outside playtimes, the Year 5/6S students are trying to practise not doing silly actions. So far we have been succeeding but who knows, we might go completely off track with the silly actions. I would hope not!

All of the students in Year 5/6S are trying to play proper games like kick-to-kick, shooting hoops at the netball rings and basketball court. We don’t want Year 5/6S students hanging out and being silly because the little kids will think that that’s what they should do and that is called being a bad role model.


Comments by Tom & Theodore 

Sport Activities

The Year 5-6S students have been involved in winter sport sessions: netball, softball and football. 

The footballers have been doing a few drills and scratch matches. Softballers have been practising their throwing and catching and doing practice matches while the netballers have been playing games and participating in team drills. 

There has been no mucking around and everyone has been participating.

Comments by Declan, Maison, Will and Aiden 


P.E. and Sport Activity Ideas 

Gaga Ball – you have a square arena and a special Gaga ball for this game. Next you need a square or a circle that is filled with about an inch of sand (it doesn’t need to be but it’s easier to play on), now you will need a group of 13+ people to play this game. The object of the game is to not let the ball hit you from the knees down, but here are the rules 

  • Don’t hit the ball out of the square without it hitting the square first
  • Don’t touch the ball twice
  • If the ball hits your back and goes out of the square you are out
  • If you hit the ball in the air and someone head-butts it, you are out

Kickball - For this game you will need three hula-hoops, one mat and a ball (not a basketball or a netball), and you will need two even groups. 

One of the groups will be kicking and the other team will be fielding. 

There will also be a bowler. The bowler will roll the ball to one of the kickers and the kicker will try to kick the ball as hard as they can and all the fielders will try to get the ball to the bowler before that one kicker runs to one of the hula-hoops.

If the kicker gets to the hula-hoops before one of the fielders catches it or throws it to the bowler they are not out, but if a fielder catches or throws the ball to the bowler before the kicker gets to the hula-hoops they are out, and then they switch and the team with the most points wins. 

Comments by Shaye, Lily, Marli and Matthew          



Thank you to Skye for taking some photos of our Year 5/6 students enjoying their sports session -