Fostering Positive Behaviour 

Fostering positive behaviour and creating a supportive environment for students to thrive in is paramount. This is where School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) comes into play, providing a framework for promoting desirable behaviours and preventing unwanted ones. At the heart of SWPBS lies the behaviour matrix, a tool that outlines expectations in a positive way. However, the effectiveness of this matrix is greatly enhanced when the community actively participates in its development.


At Gisborne Secondary College we are looking to reduce the size of our current Behaviour Matrix to make it a more effective tool. We are seeking to work in partnership with the current staff, students, and their parents / carers in the development of its replacement.


Community involvement not only injects diverse perspectives and insights into the creation of the behaviour matrix. It also ensures that the expectations outlined in the matrix are both relevant and reflective of the values upheld by the community. By engaging parents, teachers, students, and other stakeholders in this process, SWPBS becomes more than just a set of rules; it becomes a shared vision for creating a positive and supportive school culture. 


Working in partnership with all stakeholders in developing the behaviour matrix fosters a collective responsibility for maintaining a positive school climate, leading to greater adherence to the behaviour matrix and ultimately, improved outcomes for students.


To this end we are asking parents / carers to contribute to the below survey. The feedback from this will be brought back to the SWPBS Team and combined with feedback from both students and staff to develop Gisborne Secondary College’s new Behaviour Matrix.


A link for the survey is located below, open until 15th May 2024,