Year 7 update

Hello Parents and Guardians!

The Year 7 cohort continues to impress! Here's a glimpse into their recent achievements and upcoming events:


Conquering the Grampians (Despite the Heat!)

Our Year 7s recently embarked on their long-awaited camp in the Grampians. While the weather threw some hot curveballs, the students displayed incredible resilience and adaptability. They participated in challenging outdoor activities, fostered new friendships, and created lasting memories.


NAPLAN Success

A big congratulations to the Year 7s for successfully completing their NAPLAN testing! We understand these assessments can be nerve-wracking, but the students approached them with focus and determination. These results will be invaluable in guiding individual student support and further academic development throughout the year.


Year 7 Parent-Teacher Interviews

Don't forget! Year 7 Parent-Teacher Interviews are coming up on Wednesday the 27th of March. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your child's teachers, discuss their progress, and address any questions you may have. We encourage all parents and guardians to attend.


Overall, the Year 7 cohort continues to shine! Their positive attitude, resilience, and dedication are truly inspiring. The students have also managed to settle into their new high school routines and friendship groups. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments and look forward to witnessing their continued growth throughout the year.


Best regards,

Nathaniel Alexopoulos and Ashley Bishop

Year 7 Year Level Leaders