Careers and Pathways

Denise Camenzuli - Careers and Pathways

Structured Work Place Learning (SWL)

It has been a busy term for students to secure a Structured Work Placement that fits their aspirations for the future. So far we have had a reasonable success with some of our students securing a work placement for the remainder of Semester 1. 


Currently we have a number of students who are in the process of having an interview which hopefully turns into a successful work placement.


If you do not secure a placement for next term you will be contacted to come into school and work on getting a placement on your usual structured work placement day.  


We also have a few students that have secured a School Based Apprenticeship or are in the process of signing papers to secure the position. 


Students looking for new opportunities can approach local organisations or view SWL positions advertised on the state wide SWL portal


Careers and Pathways Google Classrooms & Support

Students may have noticed Careers & Pathways Google Classrooms have been set up for each year level. These are to promote and support Careers & Pathways initiatives and opportunities within the college to all students. 


Students have been added to their year level classrooms and are welcome to access:

  • the pathway planning content, 
  • upload Safe@Work certificates, 
  • use the job search tools 
  • resume and cover letter templates 


If you have not got access to your year level’s classroom, please advise the Careers & Pathways Team so they can add you.


Students can also make a referral for careers and pathways support via Compass using the favourites (star) tab.