Teaching and Learning

David Husk - Assistant Principal

Performance Summary

The Performance Summary for government schools provides an overview of how our school (Peter Lalor Secondary College) is contributing to the objectives of the Education State and how it compares to other Victorian government schools. This annual report is presented to the school council each year to keep our community up to date with how the school is performing.

All schools work in partnership with their school community to improve outcomes for children and young people. Sharing this information with parents and the wider school community helps to support community engagement in student learning, a key priority of the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes 2.0 (FISO 2.0). The following summary points are provided for your perusal. 


Parent Satisfaction Summary


The percentage endorsement by parents on their General School Satisfaction, as reported in the annual Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey.

Percent endorsement indicates the percent of positive responses (agree or strongly agree) from parents who responded to the survey. At a glance, you will see that parent satisfaction is 10.2% above the state. This is a positive endorsement by parents for the school. I would encourage more parents to take the time to participate in the yearly survey. 


School Staff Survey


The percentage endorsement by staff on School Climate, as reported in the annual School Staff Survey.

Percentage endorsement indicates the percent of positive responses (agree or strongly agree) from staff who responded to the survey.

Our staff have endorsed a positive school climate for the 2023 year. We look to build on this in 2024.

Victorian Senior Secondary Certificate 


In 2023, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority introduced the new VCE Vocational Major (VM), a vocational and applied learning program within the VCE designed to be completed over a minimum of two years.

Note that as of 2023, the Victorian Senior Secondary Certificate completion rate includes the VCE including the VCE Vocational Major. As you can see we have a high percentage completion rate. This is a great outcome for our students.

Student Attitudes to School – Sense of Connectedness


The percentage endorsement on Sense of Connectedness factor, as reported in the Attitudes to School Survey completed annually by Victorian government school students, indicates the percent of positive responses (agree or strongly agree).

As a senior secondary school with a vocational focus, we aim to assist all students in identifying and engaging in vocational pathways to the world of work, via a trade-based apprenticeship, further study (post PLSC), or a job. 


I trust that the information provided has given you a snapshot into the teaching and learning aim of the college.